Fakelift - Non Surgical Facelift

Fakelift - Non Surgical Facelift Marbella Ocean Clinic

Don’t Want Surgery? Get a “Fakelift”

Is your face starting to show signs of ageing? Would you like to ease lines and wrinkles, tighten up skin that’s beginning to sag and restore lost volume? You might think a facelift is your only option, but it’s not…

Don’t Want Surgery? Get a “Fakelift”

The “Fakelift” is a combination of non-invasive treatments, designed to simulate results that were previously only achievable through surgical procedures. It’s a fantastic alternative to a facelift for people who:

  • ✔ Are younger and don’t need extensive lifting
  • ✔ Don’t want to have a general anesthetic
  • ✔ Are worried about surgical complications
  • ✔ Don’t want to take a lot of downtime

How is a “Fakelift” carried out?

The “Fakelift” involves using Nanofat microneedling to plump out and rejuvenate the skin, followed by Radio Frequency to tighten it and Injectables to ease facial lines. Let’s learn more about each treatment…

Nanofat microneedling

Nanofat microneedling as part of a “Fakelift”

Nanofat microneedling is the process of infusing the face with nutrient-rich, specially-refined fat via a microneedling pen. Equipped with tiny needles, the pen is used to create thousands of micro channels across the face so nanofat can be pumped into the dermis.

Because nanofat includes stem cells, growth factors and other regenerative material, it’s a highly effective way to rejuvenate ageing, blemished and sun-damaged skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and skin tone and texture are improved.

The nanofat is obtained by extracting fat from a donor site, such as the tummy or hips. This is done via gentle liposuction and requires only a tiny incision. The fat is then processed in a centrifuge to become microscopic parcels of nanofat. As well as being injected into the face, patients also receive a cream containing nanofat to take home. The skin continues to regenerate for the next 2-3 months.

The nanofat is obtained by extracting fat from a donor site

For patients who have lost volume in a particular area that needs restoring, or have deeper lines and wrinkles, we can also use micro fat transfer. This involves grafting larger particles of fat droplet by droplet, allowing for exact placement. Building up layers allows the surgeon to treat:

  • ✔ Thinning lips
  • ✔ “Smokers’ lines” around the lips
  • ✔ Nasolabial folds or “marionette lines”
  • ✔ Hollows under the eye
  • ✔ Lack of definition around the jawline

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency as part of a “Fakelift”

To tighten up skin that is starting to sag and restore good skin tone, we use a radio frequency device. The Venus Legacy system is designed to heat the tissue deep down, triggering both the tightening of existing collagen and the production of new collagen. The treatment also releases trapped fluid and encourages lymphatic drainage, reducing facial puffiness.

Venus Legacy is 100% safe (cleared by the FDA), painless to use and can be used on all skin types. For general skin tightening and smoothing, noticeable results can be achieved in just a few 30-minute sessions. The device can be used on the face and neck to:

  • ✔ Tighten the skin providing an uplifted and contoured effect, while minimising wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and forehead
  • ✔ Reduce fluid to tighten under-eye skin and tackle under-eye bags
  • ✔ Tighten sagging jowls for a smoother, more defined jawline
  • ✔ Reduce ‘turkey neck’ by blasting fatty deposits, tightening and lifting skin

Injectable muscle relaxants

Botox as part of a “Fakelift”

The third treatment used as part of a “Fakelift” is by using injectable muscle relaxants. This is effective at smoothing out lines and wrinkles on the upper portion of the face. Because it works by relaxing the muscles responsible for forming wrinkles, it works even on quite deep furrows. Including:

  • ✔ Forehead lines
  • ✔ Frown lines between the eyebrows
  • ✔ Crow’s feet around the eyes

We’re also able to carry out a non-surgical brow lift, by injecting into the muscle that surrounds the eye (orbicularis oculi). By relaxing this muscle, the downward force is released, allowing the forehead muscles to pull upwards. This elevates the eyebrows and improves the appearance of a sagging brow.

Meanwhile, placing injections at the ends of the eyebrows raises the tail of the eyebrow. This can help correct sagging upper eyelids and open up the eyes so you look more awake.

How long will the results of a “Fakelift” last?

Because the “Fakelift” includes treatments that stimulate the production of new collagen and include living stem cells, the results can be long-lasting. You should continue to see the benefits for several years.

Botox, however, is a temporary treatment, so you may wish to have it repeated every 3-6 months. You can also have a top-up treatment of Venus Legacy every now and then to boost and maintain your results.

Want to enjoy total facial rejuvenation without going under the knife? To learn more about the “Fakelift”, Contact Ocean Clinic for an online or in-person consultation.

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