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Facial feminization Surgery

Facial feminization Surgery (FFS)

Facial feminization surgery (FFS) is a collective term for a number of facial procedures providing a more feminine appearance. For many trans women in particular, it is a crucial and increasingly popular step in their transition process.
A face is as unique as the personality behind it. An individualised approach and the selection of the right surgical techniques are fundamental to a successful outcome. Any FFS should also consider aspects beyond standard feminization concepts. An FFS must address the harmony and global feminine perception of your face, as well as the synchrony of all your facial features and the rest of your body. Our face is the first contact we offer the world around us and it should be non-verbal expression of who we are and how we feel about ourselves.

  • Technical term
    facial feminization
  • Duration of surgery
    60-240 minutes
  • Anaesthesia
  • Discharge from clinic
    1-3 days
  • Fit for society
    14 days
  • Back to work
    10 days
  • Aftercare and recovery
    special dressings and/or casts for up to 10 days

What to know before Facial feminization Surgery

What to Know Before Facial feminization Surgery (FFS). Ocean Clinic

FOREHEAD SURGERY: We conduct a bone reduction and reshaping of the forehead, brow and upper orbita to feminise the forehead contour, reducing the bone over the eyebrows, enlarging the space around the eyes and lifting the eyebrows.

NOSE: We conduct a reduction of the prominent nasal bone, a feminization of its shape, a slightly lifting and, if requested, a curving of its tip.

LIPS: We enhance their volume either with hyaluronic acid or your own fat. The distance between the upper lip and the base of the nose can be reduced by a so-called lip lift.

CHEEKS (MALAR AREA): This area can be augmented either with hyaluronic acid, a fat transfer or special cheek implants, resulting in enhanced volume and, more importantly, an enhanced malar projection. The procedure also contributes to a more youthful appearance.

JAW AND CHIN: We surgically address the fact that the female chin is usually more pointed and triangular than the wider and squarer male chin. Similarly, the jaw lines and jaw angles are shaved back in order to reduce the volume and sideway projection. 

HAIR: We reduce the hairline and cover the typically male triangular receding hairline by hair transplantation.

Scars are invisible, located inside the mouth or within your hairline. The nose operation can be performed with either an open or closed technique, leaving unremarkable to invisible scars.

Patient testimony

My transition has given me self-confidence, not only because my body is finally aligned with my intimate feelings, but also because I feel myself credible in my gender expression.

We are proud partners of FACIALTEAM, a renowned premium FFS institution based in Marbella, Spain. As part of our collaboration, we endorse and refer our patients to each other. We further engage in direct academic exchange, organising and participating in FFS and transgender health congresses and symposiums. We aim to jointly develop a European stronghold in gender confirmation surgery, offering together a complete service of excellence to our mutual patients.

The next step

Facial feminization Surgery (FFS) after surgery and beyond. Ocean Clinic