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Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover Marbella Madrid

Mommy makeover can be a single procedure or a combination of treatments, which address the effects of pregnancy and breast-feeding. Pregnancy leaves a multitude of serious and aggravating changes on a hormonal and physical level, some of which remain irreversible, despite the post-pregnancy diet, exercise and skin treatments. These can include sagging breasts, loose tummy skin, persistent fat pads, tired appearing face, flabby and lax skin of arms and legs etc.

Also in the genital area, hypertrophic labia, widening of the vaginal opening or an unpleasant C-section scar are common complaints, affecting sexuality and quality of life. Seldomly addressed, hormonal alterations and post-pregnancy endocrine misbalance have a sustainable impact on laxity and quality of the skin as well as mood, soul and psyche. Becoming a mother and sharing your life and future with your child is doubtlessly one of the most beautiful as well as challenging experiences and life missions. However, many women may find it difficult to accept the gift of this experience as a compensation for the havoc that pregnancy leaves over their body. Therefore, choosing the right treatments and tailored combinations is a delicate process, that has to be addressed in full confidence with your surgeon.

Since a decade, we treat mothers and help them restore their body and soul. In the meantime, the label "mommy makeover" was created, however consequences of the pregnancy as well as mums’ desires to optimize their look and feeling great and confident about themselves again, remained the same.

What to know before Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeover calls for a good concept rather than a mere combination of treatments. It is always imperative to ask the question, which procedures can be effectively combined within one surgical session? Beyond surgery, the Ocean Clinic team is dedicated to skin quality and a holistic hormonal therapy.

Our surgeons are experienced professionals and key opinion leaders for liposuction and fat transfer, breast augmentation and tummy tuck. We also are acknowledged as leading European experts in genital surgery. We believe in a holistic concept and a joint approach in restoring the pre-pregnancy appearance.

The next step

Mommy Makeover after surgery and beyond. Ocean Clinic Marbella Madrid