Brow Lift Surgical and Non-Surgical

You can restore your brow to a more youthful position using either surgical or non-surgical methods, or indeed, a combination of the two.

Brow Lift Surgical and Non-Surgical Marbella Ocean Clinic

Surgical or Non-Surgical Brow Lift - Which one is for you?

The brow lift procedure you choose will depend on your age, the severity of sagging, your expectations for the outcome, as well as budget. Drooping brows typically becomes apparent in our late thirties, although a low brow can be hereditary so it can also be seen in younger patients.

If you are only displaying early signs of skin laxity, injectables can be an effective treatment and may delay the need for surgery. In combination with the effect the injectable has on relieving forehead lines, crow’s feet and lines between the eyebrows, it can considerably freshen up a face.

You might wish to experiment with the cosmetic injection and, if you like the results, opt for an endoscopic temporal lift in order to make the changes permanent. Injections need repeating several times a year and, while it’s considerably cheaper than a surgical brow lift, these costs clock up quickly. This can make surgery better value for money in the long run.

For older patients, with deep furrows in the forehead, pronounced eye hooding or a low-set brow, more extensive surgery is recommended since the results of cosmetic injection or an endoscopic temporal lift will be minimal. On the other hand, the result of an excision brow lift can be dramatic - you’ll no longer look tired or angry and it can take years off your appearance.

Surgical or Non-Surgical Brow Lift. Marbella Ocean Clinic

What is a Surgical Brow Lift?

A surgical brow lift, or forehead lift, is often performed in combination with a facelift or upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), but it can be performed on its own. A brow lift involves the lifting and tightening of the forehead and surgical removal of any excess skin.

At Ocean Clinic Marbella we use two different methods to carry out a brow lift; the first is the direct excision brow lift, which involves portions of skin removed from directly above the eyebrows. The incisions are hidden within the hairline of the eyebrow. This surgically raises the eyebrows and the upper eyelids, in order to “open up” the eyes.

Surgical Brow Lift. Marbella Ocean Clinic

The second technique is called a temporal lift. This involves incisions made in the hairline near the temples. As the procedure is carried out endoscopically, it is less invasive than the brow lift but it only lifts the outer tail of the brow. This technique helps to correct hooded eyelids and smooth crow’s feet, but won’t be as effective for a very heavy brow since it doesn’t alter the middle of the brow or forehead area.

Temporal Brow Lift. Marbella Ocean Clinic

The method we choose depends on individual factors such as your age, skin quality, the severity of sagging and whether you’re suffering from any asymmetry. We will assess your facial anatomy and bone structure to ensure your brows are placed in a natural, more youthful position.

Both brow lifting procedures can be performed under local anaesthetic with sedation and you can return home the same day. The operation is safe, down time and recovery is rapid, although you may have experience some bruising and swelling. Scarring will fade within a few months.

The result of a brow lift is long-lasting, however, due to the nature of human aging, your skin will still lose elasticity as you get older, meaning it won’t last forever.

What is a Non-Surgical Brow Lift?

A non-surgical brow lift is performed using cosmetic injectable muscle relaxants. The muscle relaxant is injected into the orbicularis oculi muscle that surrounds the eye. By relaxing this muscle, downward force is released, allowing the forehead muscles to pull upwards and therefore elevate the eyebrows. This can also apply to the lateral brow (not the central brow) - using Ulthera we can stimulate the contraction of fibers of the fascia on top of the muscle which elevates the brow.

Placing injections (Ulthera) at the ends of the eyebrows (lateral brow, not central) causes the fibers in the fascia on top of the muslce to contract and elevate the tail of the eyebrow which can help correct the sagging of the upper eyelids and leave you looking fresher and more awake.

Non-Surgical Brow Lift. Marbella Ocean Clinic

This treatment is very straightforward, can be carried out in a matter of minutes, and requires no downtime. The results, compared to surgical brow lifts, are more subtle and much less permanent. The results typically lasts between three to six months (depending on the individual) after which, the muscle action returns and the brow will resume its previous position. Fillers can also be added to the posterior superior temples as well as forehead in order to reinflate the area and therefore create a lifted brow.

For a full assessment of your forehead, brow and upper eyelids, make an appointment for a consultation with one of our highly experienced practitioners or surgeons.

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