Nanofat Microneedling Facelift

Nanofat microneedling facelift - an advanced new treatment for the face

  1. It’s a highly effective way to rejuvenate ageing, blemished and sun-damaged skin
  2. How does it work? First, fat is extracted from a donor site on the body
  3. The fat is processed into microscopic parcels of nanofat
  4. Nanofat includes stem cells, growth factors and other regenerative material
  5. Next, a microneedling pen equipped with tiny needles is used across the face
  6. This creates thousands of micro channels so nanofat can be pumped into the dermis
  7. Patients also receive a cream containing nanofat to take home
  8. The skin continues to regenerate for the next 2-3 months ⇒ see before & after photos
  9. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and skin tone and texture are improved ⇒ see before & after photos

Interested in nanofat microneedling? Speak to one of our surgeons at Ocean Clinic Marbella!

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