Lip flip - nonsurgical treatment

The Lip flip is a relatively new option in lip augmentation at Ocean Clinic in Marbella and Madrid. Similarly to using fillers, a lip flip involves injectables being placed into the lip to create a fuller appearance.

Lip flip - nonsurgical treatment Marbella Ocean Clinic

What is a lip flip?

The lip flip is a quick, non-surgical treatment simply consisting of muscle relaxing injections placed into the muscles above the upper lip. No anaesthetic is required for the procedure and it takes minutes to achieve. When the injection is applied into the orbicularis oris muscles it causes them to relax, the lip then naturally ‘flips’ slightly outwards to create a fuller effect using only the existing lip itself. The effects are noticeable very quickly - it takes only 5-7 days to see the full effects of the lip flip procedure and they last for around 3-4 months (metabolism depending).

What is the lip flip recovery like?

There isn’t any recovery time. The only possible thing that may take a little getting used to is sipping through a straw or other reasons to tightly pucker the lips, but this won’t take long to rectify itself. You may experience very mild swelling or bruising which will also pass rapidly.

Lip flip or lip fillers - What is the difference?

Lip fillers add volume to the lip whereas the lip flip simply uses the existing volume by pushing it forward to create a fuller effect. The natural size of your lip does not change with a lip flip, it is just shifted to make it look more plump and pronounced. Both procedures last for around the same amount of time.

What are the results of a lip flip?

Lip flip uses an injection of botox to relax the muscles in the upper lip, which then causes the lip itself to flip forwards. This creates a subtle, fuller looking lip and a more pronounced profile as it protrudes forward slightly more than before. Obviously all people will get a different result depending on their existing lip.

What are the results of a lip flip? | Ocean Clinic Marbella

What are the benefits of a lip flip?

With the lip flip there’s no recovery time, no anaesthetic, no drastic alteration, minimal swelling or side effects, the result is rapid, and it is affordable. If you aren’t happy with the outcome - within 3-4 months you can choose to do it differently, or not at all!

Who is a good candidate for a lip flip?

If you have a ‘gummy’ smile, are unhappy with ageing lip lines (barcode lines), want a subtle (yet obvious to you) change, want a fuller lip but would rather not have surgery, or prefer not to have fillers alter the size of your lips, then yes this could be the option for you.

How safe are lip flips?

Lip flip is safe, it is just the same as any similar injection. There is a very slight risk that the smile could become asymmetric - however, this is minimal. Ensure that you choose a board-certified, experienced practitioner to carry out the procedure. You may experience very minimal bruising just at the site where the injection was placed, this should heal within 1-2 days.

How long does lip flip last?

Lip flip will only last as long as the injectable toxin stays in your system. The body will naturally ‘outgrow’, or reject, it over time. Most people see results for up to 3-4 months, but it varies from person to person depending on their individual metabolic rate.

What is a Lip lift - the surgical alternative?

  1. A lip lift is for life and is not for everyone, it causes the lip to change shape and height and therefore alters the face and proportions permanently. This is something that must be deeply considered when toying with the idea of any surgical procedure. Finding the right surgeon who can work with your given anatomy to provide you with the perfect look for you is essential. The lip flip is instant and lasts only 3-4 months, the lip lift is forever.
  2. A lip lift means not having to return to the doctors for ‘refills’, but, at the same time permanence cannot be altered without further surgery. The lip flip will require a top up every 3-4 months.
  3. The lip flip is a far less invasive method of creating a fuller lip than the lip lift.

If you would like any more information about lip flip or require a consultation please contact Ocean Clinic today.

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