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One of the most important steps of 3- dimentional approach to skin regeneration is not only to stimulte new collagen and elastin in all depth but also to intensily hydrate the superficial layers to facilitate migration of cells that can produce those new fibers.

Mesotherapy is the art of injecting vitamins and hydrating agentes, such as hyaluronic acid, to the deep and superficial layers of the skin. The micropuctures used in mesotherapy injection are the perfect trigger to create ideal enviroment full of growth factors and cell activation that will lead to a more dense and young skin.

The skinboosters are hyaluronic acid products that have a low concentration of pure hyaluronic acid. This products can be injected in deep layers of the dermis (skin) in same way as classic mesotherapy techniques.

Mesotherapy Skinbooster | Ocean Clinic Marbella


  • Skinbooster: Restylane Vital Light, Belotero Soft/Balance, Volight
  • Mesotherapy: Vitamin C –DMAE- Tranexamic acid Mesoestetic, Mesohyal, Filorga NTSC

The rate of complications of skinbooster - mesotherapy is very low if you respect the techniques and depth of injection of each product. No preparation is needed and the post care our team recommend is to avoid wash face for 4 hours after procedure and do not put make up for 4 hours after procedure.

The skinbooster - mesotherapy treatment is better done as multiple procedure for hair growth stimulation, (10 sessions), or skin rejuvenation (3- 5 sessions). It can also be used in combination with: