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Labiaplasty is a general term encompassing various techniques used to modify the inner or outer labia and the external vulva, serving both aesthetic and functional purposes. Reduction and lifting procedures for the inner labia are the most commonly performed surgeries within the realm of intimate surgery.

There are numerous reasons why women opt for labial reduction surgery. These reasons include discomfort during sports or sexual intercourse, alterations in aesthetic appearance following childbirth, or simply age-related stretching of the labia. Variations in the labial folds, including slight asymmetry of the inner labia and minor protrusion of the inner lips, are common and should be considered normal variations. However, if these variations cause psychological distress, surgical correction can offer an effective and straightforward solution. Aging can lead to a loss of volume in the outer labia, resulting in reduced coverage and increased exposure of the inner labia. This discrepancy between volume loss and excess skin can be rectified through a reduction of the outer and/or inner labia and a fat transfer to the outer labia.

Following weight loss or childbirth, the mons pubis may sag or accumulate fat deposits, necessitating a pubic lift or liposuction. In today’s world, an increasing number of women seek aesthetic genital procedures to restore a more youthful appearance and regain self-confidence in their sexuality.

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