Facial Expressions - Anti-aging Techniques

Why and how Anti-aging Aesthetic Techniques are Improving to Preserve our Facial Expressions

Many facial aesthetic procedures have been negatively received for reducing the ability of patients to show expression.

Facial Expressions - Anti-aging Techniques Marbella Ocean Clinic

Why is it so important that humans display facial expressions?

Communication: Facial expressions are a crucial part of nonverbal communication. They convey emotions, intentions, and attitudes that words alone cannot express. We utilise facial expressions to understand the emotional state of others and to communicate our feelings.

Social interaction: Facial expressions play an important role in social interaction. They help us to form connections with others, build relationships, and establish trust. For example, a smile can signal friendliness and openness, while a frown can indicate disapproval or anger.

Survival: Facial expressions are also important for survival. They can signal danger or threat, which can help us to avoid potentially harmful situations. For example, a look of fear can alert others to the presence of danger, while a look of disgust can signal that something is unsafe or unhealthy.

Health: Research has shown that facial expressions can have an impact on our physical and mental health. For example, smiling can reduce stress and boost mood, while frowning can increase tension and negative emotions.

So how do we preserve these vital emotional displays when approaching facial anti-aging procedures?

New techniques in aesthetic treatments are focused on achieving natural-looking results that preserve the patient’s facial expressions. These techniques are designed to enhance the patient’s appearance while maintaining the integrity of their facial muscles and features.

One example of a technique that allows for the maintenance of facial expression is by way of neuromodulator injections. These work by blocking nerve signals to specific muscles (chemical denervation), thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines without affecting the patient’s ability to make facial expressions. By targeting only specific muscles, using and applying advanced techniques, the patient’s natural facial expressions can still be maintained.

Preserve the patient’s facial expressions | Marbella Ocean Clinic

Moreover, advances in technology have led to the development of non-invasive procedures such as radiofrequency and laser treatments. These procedures stimulate collagen production, tighten the skin, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Non-invasive procedures allow patients to achieve natural-looking results without affecting their facial expressions.

Overall, new techniques in aesthetic treatments are focused on achieving natural-looking results that preserve the patient’s facial expressions. By using targeted treatments and advanced technology, patients can enhance their appearance while maintaining their unique facial features and expressions. These treatments must always be carried out by a professional, qualified and experienced practitioner to be able to achieve the results described here. To fully and scientifically understand the anatomy of the face, as well as recognise individual structure, is an art as well as a skill.

At Ocean Clinic, a holistic approach is always adopted when it comes to facial treatments taking into account the patient’s expectations, the severity level of their case, the anatomy of the individual, the order in which to proceed with regions and layers of the face, the depth at which the dermis requires attention for the best results, minimising the amount of product required, and looking at the longer term plan for maintaining the desired look.

Anti-aging Techniques - Facial Expressions | Marbella Ocean Clinic

Highly Effective Aesthetic Treatment

The term used at Ocean Clinic for this type of combination procedure is HEAT - Highly Effective Aesthetic Treatment. ‘HEAT’ is a concept created to make the best choices for an individual patient, using the least amount of product to achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time - thus making the treatments as highly effective as possible.

To provide highly effective treatments is of course always the aim - however when we administer a treatment, whatever that treatment may be, we want the results to be the most effective possible, and this includes maintaining a natural look whereby facial expression is not compromised for results.

“Throughout my career I have learnt to recognize that many products can be delivered using the same device; a cannula to administer a filler for example, but if you do not study and understand the behaviour of each product inside the body, how it reacts, where it is positioned, the layer at which you administer it, etc. you can end up using much more product with a far less effective outcome - considering facial expression is vital during this process. So HEAT, for me, means that I know exactly where my target is, how my product will behave once inside the treatment area, and how to get the best use of the product using the least amount possible within the least amount of time possible (least number of sessions, least amount of product administered and achieve the best results).” Says Dr Gabriela Casabona, head of the aesthetic department, Ocean Clinic, Marbella.

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