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Optimising Injectables using Ultrasound

Ultrasound-guided injections Marbella Ocean Clinic

The Advantages of Ultrasound in Facial and Lip Injections:

Enhancing Precision and Achieving Optimal Results.

Ultrasound technology has revolutionized the field of aesthetic medicine, offering valuable insights and enhanced precision during facial and lip injections. In a live workshop conducted by renowned experts, Dr. Gabriela Casabona and Dr. Konstantin Frank, the numerous benefits of using ultrasound for injecting fillers and injectables were discussed. This article explores the advantages of ultrasound in these procedures, including its ability to provide detailed anatomical mapping, improve injection precision, guide toxin placement, analyze filler behavior, and tailor treatments to individual patient needs. Incorporating ultrasound into facial and lip injections can significantly optimize outcomes, ensuring natural-looking and customized results.

Precise Injections for Optimal Results

Ultrasound technology plays a crucial role in achieving precision during facial and lip injections. By utilizing ultrasound imaging, practitioners gain a comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy, allowing them to inject fillers and injectables with greater accuracy. Mapping the face and identifying key structures, such as muscles and arteries, enables practitioners to determine the most suitable injection sites


The diffusion of toxins varies between muscles, making it essential to understand how each muscle affects placement and toxin spread. Ultrasound provides real-time visualization of the toxin’s behavior, allowing practitioners to adjust injection angles and achieve precise results. This knowledge helps prevent the inadvertent blocking of unintended muscles, improving patient safety and reducing the risk of unexpected outcomes.

Moreover, by studying a diverse range of faces and using ultrasound mapping, practitioners can refine their injection techniques. This comprehensive understanding enables them to calculate the precise location and depth of injections for each patient, leading to improved overall outcomes. Ultrasound serves as a valuable tool for confirming injection accuracy, ultimately enhancing patient satisfaction.

Anatomical Mapping and Filler Behavior

Ultrasound’s ability to provide detailed anatomical mapping greatly assists in determining optimal injection sites and evaluating filler behavior. By visualizing facial structures, including the nose, lips, temples, and fascia, practitioners can identify the areas that require treatment and develop a tailored approach for each patient.

When using fillers, it is crucial to understand how they behave subdermally or supraperiosteal to ensure the desired outcome. Ultrasound imaging allows practitioners to monitor filler distribution and evaluate its spread in real-time. This knowledge helps them assess whether the filler is spreading correctly and achieving the desired results. Additionally, different fillers may behave differently, and ultrasound enables practitioners to make informed decisions regarding filler selection and injection technique.

Furthermore, ultrasound facilitates locating and assessing the fascia, a key anatomical structure that contributes to facial volume and support. Identifying the fascial layers helps practitioners determine the most effective approach for treating patients, particularly when addressing concerns such as acne scars or restructuring the mandible. By combining ultrasound guidance with precise filler placement, practitioners can create a more defined and aesthetically pleasing V-shaped look.

Lip Injections: The Tripod Technique and Skin Assessment

Lip Injections: The Tripod Technique and Skin Assessment | Ocean Clinic Marbella

Ultrasound technology offers valuable insights and guidance when performing lip injections, particularly with the use of the tripod technique. Each patient’s lips are unique, and tailoring the treatment to their specific anatomy is essential for achieving natural-looking results.

Traditionally, following the muscle during lip injections leads to excessive projection. However, with the tripod technique, practitioners can achieve more balanced and harmonious results. Ultrasound imaging allows them to assess lip height, projection, contour, and the condition of the skin. This comprehensive evaluation ensures that all factors are considered, resulting in a harmonious and proportionate lip enhancement.

In addition to guiding injection depth and placement, ultrasound can also help assess the skin’s condition. The upper lip, in particular, may require additional attention to address signs of aging. By incorporating ultrasound, practitioners can identify areas where the skin may benefit from complementary treatments, such as laser resurfacing or dermal fillers.

The integration of ultrasound technology into facial and lip injections | Ocean Clinic Marbella

Bottom Line

The integration of ultrasound technology into facial and lip injections brings numerous advantages that benefit both practitioners and patients. Ultrasound provides detailed anatomical mapping, enhances injection precision, guides toxin placement, analyzes filler behavior, and aids in tailoring treatments to individual patient needs. By harnessing the power of ultrasound, practitioners can optimize outcomes, improve patient satisfaction, and achieve natural-looking results. The use of ultrasound in aesthetic medicine represents a significant advancement, empowering practitioners to deliver safe, precise, and customized treatments for facial and lip rejuvenation.

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