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The stimulation of new collagen and elastin is an key point of laxity and anti aging treatments. Once we do a treatment to regain those fibers our team believe that we also have to think on how to keep them in a long term. One of the most effective way of boosting and keeping the result is to use RF non ablative to heat different depths of tissue from skin to subcutaneous. The RF treatments can target deep fat tissue ith or without vacum in a level of heat that safely stimulates the rupture and natural deth of fat cells adding a lot to body contouring. The latest trend is also to apply RF in vulvo-vaginal áreas to not only rejuvenate but also enhance sexual function through better lubrication and improved sensibility of the área.

  • Technical term
    Radiofrequency (Venus Legacy / Exilis Elite)
  • Duration
    30 – 45 minutes
  • Anaesthesia
  • Number sessions
    3 – 10 sessions (depending on condition)
  • Discharge
    Same day
  • Fit for society
    Same day
  • Back to work
    Same day
  • Aftercare
  • Maintenance
    4 months

What to know before Radiofrequency

What to Know Before Radiofrequency . Ocean Clinic

It is a very safe procedure that can be done as a preparation for surgical patients, as a maintenance or as just a Cinderela treatment before important events.

It can also be combined in same day with procedures such as:

  • Microneedling (Dermapen)
  • Superficial peeling
  • Skinbooster / Mesotherapy
  • Coolsculpting
  • Skin color
    Skin texture
    Skin conditions

    The next step

    Radiofrequency  after surgery and beyond. Ocean Clinic