Sex reassignment surgery and gender confirmation surgery

For many transgender people, the gender reassignments or confirmation surgery is not a choice but a necessity to live a complete and happy life, in their chosen gender. The growing demand, the essence of the indication and a privilege to offer our patients a life changing surgery is an important part of our motivation. However, our passion for a wide spectrum of gender reassignment surgery we perform is reflected in a proven record of accomplishment and outcomes reassuring us, that we are good at what we do. We believe in a surgery, where functional and aesthetic outcomes are synergetic and inseparable and where a personal approach and individual treatments are paramount.

Sex reassignment surgery

Sex reassignment surgery Sex reassignment surgery

Trans woman

We conduct evidence-based clinical research and continuously publish our avant-garde procedures in peer-reviewed scientific journals, significantly improving treatments and recovery times for our patients.

We pioneer surgical techniques in genital, plastic and aesthetic surgery and host international workshops and annual scientific meetings.

Dr Fakin holds a waste experience in genital, corporal and facial gender reassignment surgery as well as secondary optimizing surgery.

Sex reassignment surgery

Sex reassignment surgery Sex reassignment surgery

Trans man

We offer you our combined expertise and experience in unique interdisciplinary treatments.

We are equipped with the latest technology and cultivate a true understanding of concepts related to the transgender health. You will find us in an atmosphere of excellence, respect and innovation dedicated to your health, your looks and your feeling great about yourself.

About us

Sex reassignment surgery About us

With growing social awareness and acceptance in many countries worldwide, the number of surgical techniques and therapy concepts are rapidly increasing. PD Dr Richard Fakin subsequently specialized during his career in aesthetic surgery and gender reassignment surgery. He was partially trained at the prestigious Preecha Aesthetic Institute (PAI) in Bangkok, Thailand, directed by Dr Preecha, a pioneer of male-to-female confirmation surgery.

Dr Fakin performs over 40 male-to-female vaginoplasties by the Thai method and breast augmentations in trans-women a year. He redefined the gender confirmation surgery program at the University Hospital Zurich (Switzerland), published scientific contributions as well as organized international symposiums about transgender surgery. His submitted statistics show a complication rate below 3%, high patient`s satisfaction and authentic aesthetic outcomes.

International team of experts

We offer a wide spectrum of gender reassignment surgery in the center of Madrid and in chosen partner institutions in Marbella (Spain), Zurich (Switzerland) and Costa Rica. We follow the international guidelines, safety regulations and novel scientific contributions. We are dedicated to patient`s safety, discretion and respect. We perform our outmost because we value your trust and are well aware of how much it takes to process in the transition.