Dr Gabriela Casabona
Aesthetic and Skin Cancer

Ocean Clinic Marbella

She has travelled to the USA to serve a variety of externships with experts on various procedures and technologies and also collaborated in the Laser department of ABC University, Brazil.Since 2010 my career has shifted towards the surgical side

I spent 5 years (2010-2015) in many training programs in the USA, Latin America and Europe furthering my expertise in skin cancer surgery, Mohs surgery, and honing my reconstruction skills (especially in oculoplastics).I had my own clinic in Brazil for 18 years and now work as Medical Director for the Aesthetic and Skin cancer departments and also Consultant and Research Director at Ocean Clinic Marbella.

Dr Gabriela Casabona Director of Clinical Research | Ocean Clinic Marbella


Here I develop integrative rejuvenation concepts that include fillers and Injectables combined with technology treatments and the newest generation of thread lifting procedures.

We also perform the latest innovations using ultrasound to guide aesthetic procedures.

Doctor Casabona has published many papers in highly respected journals on combined technology treatments, techniques and has spearheaded breakthrough innovations in anti-aging procedures.