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Scrotal Lift

Scrotal Lift Marbella Madrid

An increasing number of men ask for a scrotal lift with a reduction in scrotal skin. Most of them are young men who pursue sports, move a lot and feel that their testicles are sagging too much, leading to discomfort in sports wear, when cycling etc. Others request the surgery for predominantly aesthetic reasons, looking to feel more self-confident when naked. Some patients have a previous history of testicular pathologies and/or procedures, such as a repair of varicocele or hydrocele with a consequent lack of skin retraction. Regardless of your reasons, scrotal lifting is becoming an increasingly requested, safe and effective procedure. For most men personally involved, though, it is still a rather delicate topic and, like any other procedure, needs to be addressed professionally with respect for personal boundaries.

Technical term: scrotal reduction, testicle lift

  • Duration of surgery
    30-60 minutes
  • Anaesthesia
    local, if desired including sedation or general
  • Discharge from clinic
    same day
  • Fit for society
    2 days
  • Back to work
    2-3 days
  • Aftercare and recovery
    no sports or sexual intercourse for 2-3 weeks

Scrotal Lift

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What to know before Scrotal Lift

What to Know Before Scrotal Lift Marbella Madrid. Ocean Clinic

The right choice of surgical technique is best made during a consultation with our surgeons. The incision is placed in the raphe, the midline of the scrotum. If a correction of the vertical scrotal length is requested, we also perform some degree of vertical plication (lifting), leading to small additional scars at the base of the penis. Any scrotal lifting involves a skin reduction, and in most cases, a plication of the muscle should be performed as well.

The scars are hardly visible, being positioned in the raphe and, if necessary, along the natural skin lines and wrinkles at the base of the penis.

Patient testimony

The result is really good. One cannot even see the scar anymore.

Fernando, 40

We always use dissolvable suture material. It is therefore hardly ever necessary to remove them. Cautious daily cleaning of the wound without rubbing is recommended. Showering is possible from the second postoperative day onward. Sports and sexual intercourse should be avoided for two to three weeks. Taking one variety of painkillers for the first three to four days, you should not experience any pain.

We experience a very low likelihood of standard risks correlated to any kind of surgical procedure (e.g. haematoma, infection, wound dehiscence).

Injectables is rather a complimentary measure than a true alternative. It smoothens the skin by blocking the superficial muscles but has no effect on scrotal size or skin tightening.

We have an extensive sub-specialisation in genital aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. We organise international symposiums on reconstructive genital surgery.

The next step

Scrotal Lift Marbella Madrid after surgery and beyond. Ocean Clinic