Staff and Therapists

Staff and Therapists

Vanessa García | Ocean Clinic
Vanessa García

Patient Manager and PA to Dr Kaye

Silvia Díez Ponce | Ocean Clinic
Silvia Díez Ponce

Clinical Manager and PA to Dr Fakin

Louise Taylor | Ocean Clinic
Louise Taylor

Head Nurse and Operating Theatre Technician

Mai Connell | Ocean Clinic
Mai Connell


María del Mar García Cuevas | Ocean Clinic
María del Mar García Cuevas

Clinic and Theatre Nurse

Alexandra Benítez | Ocean Clinic
Alexandra Benítez

Clinical Nurse

Miriam Mercedes Valecillos García | Ocean Clinic
Miriam Mercedes Valecillos García

Night Nurse

Ángela Conde | Ocean Clinic
Ángela Conde


Silvia Pino | Ocean Clinic
Silvia Pino


Daniel Meningaud | Ocean Clinic
Daniel Meningaud