Excessive Sweating

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A condition known as hyperhidrosis is the name given when a person complains of sweating too much in any area of the body: axilla (underarms/armpits), hands, feet, groins, face or other areas.

The majority of cases can be easily treated with the injection of a specific toxin into the specified area. The toxin causes a chemical denervation by inhibiting the action of a neurotransmitter (acetilcholine) in the sweat gland. It is a very specific and effective treatment for excessive sweating with no downtime and a quick, easy painless treatment.

The results begin to show within 5-15 days and are complete in 30 days. Typically it can last from 4-7 months (sometimes longer) depending on the area and severity.

Hyperhidrosis Excessive Sweating | Ocean Clinic Marbella


The causes of hyperhidrosis are divided into primary (congenital) and secondary (illness related) hyperhidrosis.

Primary hyperhidrosis: There is a hyperfunction of the sweat glands in the vegetative nervous system. The glands are stimulated to produce an excess of sweat. This malfunction is congenital and can cause the patient severe suffering.

Secondary hyperhidrosis: Here, the main cause lies in other illnesses. The excess perspiration may be due to diabetes, menopause, hyperthyroidism, obesity, certain medication or also pain, anxiety or stress.

All parts of the body may be affected by excessive sweating. Typical areas are the hands, armpits, feet, head, torso, back and chest.