Plastic Surgery Education and Lectures

The following educational lectures and videos, aimed at both patients as well as surgical residents, convey critical information, history, background, theories, and breakthroughs in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and cosmetics enhancement.

Ocean Clinic Marbella organizes international workshops including the annual MIPSS meeting - official ISAPS course held in Marbella and attended by specialists from all over the world.

Dr. Kai Kaye is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and ISAPS expert, regularly attending and speaking at national and international conventions as invited faculty. Dr. Kaye teaches plastic surgery resident courses, official ISAPS courses and plastic surgeons at company workshops worldwide. He is the founder of Ocean Clinic and is KOL and international speaker for Venus Concept and Human Med Germany.

Plastic Surgery Education and Lectures Marbella Ocean Clinic

Artificial Intelligence and Aesthetic Medicine

Impact of AI on Aesthetic Medicine. Digital Health Tool for Objective Facial Analysis. AI’s Assessment Process and Outcome.

Abstract: A new application using artificial intelligence (AI) has been developed to standardize facial landmarks and characteristics for more consistent, unbiased assessment in aesthetic medicine. (2024-05-08)

Atrophic Acne Scars

Treatment for Atrophic Acne Scars. Pilot study on the combination of microfocused ultrasound and dermal filler for treating atrophic acne scars, by Gabriela Casabona

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to give a better understanding of the nature of the forehead bone in order to determine the best possible surgical or non-surgical treatments. (2023-10-25)

MIPSS 2023

Marbella International Plastic Surgery Summer School has developed into a prestigious, international event in the world of plastic surgery.

Abstract: With a scientific committee consisting of Mario Pelle Ceravelo (Italy), Kai Kaye (Spain), Gabriela Casabona (Spain), and Jesus Benito Ruiz (Spain) as well as a faculty of twenty-two distinguished speakers of international acclaim, the summer school was a highly-valuable opportunity for all attendees. The meeting covered the four core specialties as defined by the ISAPS; the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and was granted 21 CME credits by EACCME. (2023-08-09)

The Forehead Bone

Study on the Aging of the Forehead Bone by Dr. Konstantin Frank et al.

Abstract: The study examined age-related and gender-related changes in the frontal bone and forehead. Cranial computed tomographic (CT) images from 157 Caucasian individuals were analyzed… (2023-06-03)

Anti-aging is a three-dimensional process

To achieve optimal results from fat grafting for facial rejuvenation, 3-dimensional ageing must be considered. Dr. Kai Kaye and Dr. Gabriela Casabona discuss

Abstract: When the face begins to lose both bony and soft tissue this leaves the skin with less ‘bulk’ and leads towards a more concave facial contour with reduced projection and sagging skin.…

This article outlines Dr. Kai Kaye & Dr. Gabriela Casabona’s algorithmic, area-based approach which takes the type of fat, layers needing restoration, and overall desired effect or patient expectations into account. The approach encompasses six main areas of treatment. (2023-03-01)

A Systematic Approach to Non-Surgical Neck Rejuvenation

Gabriela Casabona shares her seven-step approach to treat skin laxity and restore volume to the neck

Abstract: Aesthetic procedures can have a positive impact on self esteem and therefore improve lifestyle; rejuvenation of the neck is a highly popular request from patients seeking improvement of their appearance…

Therefore, when addressing neck rejuvenation in a patient over 45, it is more likely that the skin will require thickening as well as to add support to the skin below the dermis by adding or restoring the lost fat layer…

We observed the results from a pool of Ocean Clinic’s neck rejuvenation patients over the last five years and recognised that each was satisfied when there was a certain pattern in their treatment plan… (2023-01-07)

Temporal Fillers Effects

Study shows temporal fillers can lift & volumize other regions of the face

Full-face effects of temporal volumizing and lifting techniques

Abstract: Soft tissue filler injections are constantly on the rise in popularity due to their effectiveness in alleviating the signs of facial aging. The following study was carried out to investigate the facial volumizing and lifting effects of fillers applied to the temporal region… (2022-08-17)

Systematic Approach to Minimally Invasive Facial Rejuvenation

Presentation made at the MIPSS meeting, Marbella 2022 by Dr. Gabriela Casabona.

Abstract: What is the importance of being systematic when approaching facial rejuvenation? An introduction to the following, important steps:

  1. Knowing your patients
  2. Understanding complexities
  3. Regions versus treatments
  4. What to choose
  5. Where to start
  6. Combinations and anatomy
  7. Safety vs effectiveness… (2022-07-29)

Team Building and Leadership

How to maintain a highly functional private practice

Abstract: Dr. Kai Kaye, speaking on the topic of team building and leadership within a private practice and how to create, and maintain, a smooth running, successful business.

When setting up a private practice, as Dr. Kaye did himself 16 years ago, he had to ask himself all these questions. It took time and focus and he found that leadership, team building and organisational skills were vital aspects of the practice running well as a whole.

Team building is essential, including the team in activities or social events, and ensuring that there is schedule one on one time with each member of staff each month makes for a happy and “heard” workforce…

The team leader needs to be a role model; you can’t expect something of your employees if you do not set the right example yourself. Be a role model, inspire, coach and innovate… (2022-07-23)

G Point lift - The latest technique

Lifting the lid on under-eye fillers

Abstract: A study, led by Gabriela Casabona MD et al. from Ocean Clinic, Marbella, based on where to best position facial soft-tissue fillers, was carried out to look into a new injection protocol which makes use of the advances in the understanding of facial anatomy…

This study describes the results of a new injection algorithm respecting newly conceived anatomical concepts. Data received from 306 patients having received the same soft-tissue fillers using the same technique were used to determine the results… (2022-04-23)

Do facial ligaments affect injectable filler procedures?

Lifting vs Volumising - A Study Led by Gabriela Casabona MD, Ocean Clinic

Abstract: Injectable fillers are becoming more and more popular and a regular treatment for helping to alleviate the signs of ageing, especially in the face where volume has been lost over time…

The application of soft-tissue filler replaces this lost volume reflating the targeted facial fat compartments, restoring tension in ligaments, and giving the face a fuller, back-to-youth appearance…

Recently the concept of the line of ligaments has been introduced as a factor to consider when trying to achieve optimum results. The facial layers are arranged differently to the anatomical makeup of ligaments…

The focus of the study was to analyse soft-tissue facial fillers applied, to a split face, in varying sequences… (2022-03-31)