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Breast reduction

Breast Reduction Marbella and Madrid

Breast reduction surgery (reduction mammoplasty) is the procedure of choice for women experiencing discomfort and other symptoms related to large and heavy breasts (breast hypertrophy).

Many patients complain about skin rashes, redness and itching, especially during hot summer months. A majority also suffer from back and neck pain, which is usually progressive over the course of time, despite regular physiotherapies and cranio-sacral massages.

Breast reduction is a single-step procedure, instantly relieving the symptoms by reducing and remodelling your breast tissue as well as the excess skin. It is not only about downsizing but also achieving a more attractive and symmetric shape.

After the surgery, patients often report an absence or big reduction of cervical / back pain, a more active lifestyle, new motivations towards sport activities, as well as an elevated self-confidence.

Technical term: Reduction mammoplasty

  • Duration of surgery
    120 – 200 minutes
  • Anaesthesia
  • Discharge from clinic
    Same day or 1 day
  • Fit for society
    10-14 days
  • Back to work
    10 days
  • Aftercare and recovery
    Special bra for 4-6 weeks

Breast Reduction: What you need to know

Qué es Breast Reduction Marbella Madrid, what you need to know. Ocean Clinic

Breast reduction: surgical techniques and scars
There are numerous novel as well as established techniques in breast reduction surgery. Choosing the right method must be tailored to you. This all depends on your anatomy, size of the breasts, degree of sagging, laxity of the skin, position of the nipple, etc. These, and many more factors, would be addressed by your surgeon within the decision process. Furthermore, additional liposculpturing, is often an integral part of the operation - remodelling the surrounding areas (such as lateral thorax, armpits, back, etc…), resulting in optimal body contouring.

Our goal is to create minimal scars whenever possible.

Light breast hypertrophy (expected resection volume under 350g):
  Tin the case of light to moderate breast hypertrophy there are breast lifting techniques which can be used alongside removal of breast tissue. Scars circle the areola and, if necessary, with a vertical extent (lollipop shape).

Moderate breast hypertrophy (expected resection volume over 350g):
When a more excessive degree of hypertrophy is present, we pre-dominantly opt for the ‘Hall-Findlay’ technique - a modification of the widely used ‘Lejour’ method. The scars are, as described above, in a lollipop shape, and sometimes an additional short scar in the sub-mammary fold is necessary (short anchor or inverted-T).

Extremely heavy breasts, ‘gigantomastia’ (expected resection volume over 1000g):
The scars are more extended along the sub-mammary fold, resulting in a full-length inverted-T. Sometimes a free nipple graft is inevitable.

Before and after photos

Reduction - Hall-Findlay Technique

Female patient with large breasts requested breast reduction. A reduction mammoplasty - inverted T scar using the Hall-Findlay technique - was performed.

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Breast reduction photo before and after

Surgical training video

Breast reduction at Ocean Clinic Marbella

In this breast reduction, plastic surgery video, the surgeons from Ocean Clinic perform a breast reduction with the Hall-Findlay technique using a cranial-medial pedicle for the MAC (Mamilla-Areola-Complex).

In the case of this breast reduction, the typically vertical scar has been converted into an inverse T-Scar to offer a solution for excess skin in both axilla (armpits) and lateral breast mound (which has been treated with liposuction).
The plastic surgeons removed a total of 1900cc from one breast and 1700cc from the other to correct asymmetry. The breast reduction was assisted with liposuction (liposculpture) of the axilla (armpits) and lateral breast mound. ⇒ find more videos

3D Animation

Reduction mammaplasty

Reduction mammaplasty, (breast reduction) achieves good results in alleviating problems such as back and neck pain or grooves & irritation on the shoulders from bra straps, both caused by the weight of excessively large breasts (in proportion to body size).

A breast reduction removes extra breast tissue to achieve a healthier, more comfortable size whilst reshaping the breasts making them firmer and lifting them to a more youthful position. ⇒ Find more 3d animations

Patient testimony

The pain and the redness are finally gone. I feel free now (…), I can wear what I want and do things I could not do for a long time.

Paula S. (30)

5 Myths About Breast Reduction Surgery

  • Myth #1. Breast reduction will correct droopy breasts
    If you’re suffering from ptosis, you will also require a breast lift but this can be carried out at the same time.
  • Myth #2. Your nipples will be cut off
    Usually nipples remain attached to the breast tissue beneath, keeping the blood supply intact. They are simply moved to a higher position.
  • Myth #3. You´ll be left with bad scarring
    There will be fine scars around your nipples and vertically down your breasts but, in most cases, these fade to become barely noticeable.
  • Myth #4. Your breasts will grow back
    There is no reason this should happen if you maintain your body weight, however pregnancy could affect your results.
  • Myth #5. You won´t be able to breastfeed
    Leaving the nipple-areola attached maintains your ability to breastfeed, although it’s advisable to wait 24-months for.

Speak to one of our surgeons if you would like to know more about breast reduction surgery.

Reduction mammoplasty in Marbella and Madrid
... after surgery and beyond

Breast reduction aftercare

The Ocean Clinic is dedicated to avoiding any unnecessary pain. We routinely perform a temporary, local nerve block of relevant sensory nerves, thus considerably lowering the pain in the early post-operative period. With an additional combination of one or two painkillers, you should be pain free. Our suturing is absorbable so there is no need to remove stitches. Postoperative, lymphatic drainage is advisable after this kind of procedure.

We will provide you with a special garment to be worn for about 4 to 6 weeks. Do not lift any objects above 5kg and avoid sports involving weights during this period.

Breast reduction procedure - related risks

There are non-specific risks that are connected to any kind of surgical procedures such as hematoma, infection, and seroma. When choosing the right technique for shaping the pedicle perfusing the areola, the restriction of blood supply (necrosis) to the nipple or areola is extremely rare. Avoiding smoking for 1 month prior to surgery and 4-6 weeks post surgery enhances the wound healing process and minimizes risk of nipple necrosis. The impairment of lactation in case of future pregnancy is a possibility.

Breast reduction - alternative treatments

In cases of a predominantly saggy breast with only some degree of hypertrophy, a breast lift with limited removal of breast and fat tissue could be an option. However, most cases will require a full breast reduction in order to cure the symptoms and result in a proportional, attractive and adequately smaller breast.

Ocean Clinics experience in breast reduction

In 2004 Dr Elizabeth Hall-Findlay published her modified and novel approach for breast reduction. In 2007, we began operating on large breasts using this method resulting in a growing number of satisfied patients and long-term outcomes. It became our standard breast reduction procedure.
We perform our specially developed peri-areolar suture technique (if necessary) in order to minimize the appearance of scars. Our after treatment relies on an inter-disciplinary program for post-operative scar treatment. We often perform simultaneous liposuction in the surrounding areas, such as the rest of the chest, flanks and the area frontal to the axilla for a better aesthetic result. Drains are not required in most cases.

In safe hands!

At Ocean Clinic, we bring together the world’s leading plastic surgeons, specialists in breast reduction, with more than 15 years of combined expertise and experience in plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Dr Kai O Kaye | Ocean Clinic
Dr Kai O Kaye

Specialist in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, expert member of the ISAPS association and founder of Ocean Clinic.

Dr Richard M Fakin | Ocean Clinic
Dr Richard M Fakin

Plastic surgeon in Zurich and Madrid, member of the European Board of Plastic Surgery and adjunct professor at the University of Zurich.

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