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Nose Correction

Nose Correction and Nose Surgery

A nose correction or rhinoplasty is the treatment of choice to alter the shape and size of the center point of the face - your nose. The anatomy of the nose is complex and minor deviations in the configuration of bones, cartilages and soft tissue may lead to an aesthetically unpleasant appearance or the size and or shape may not be in harmony with the rest of the facial features.
These deviations can be purely genetically inherited or acquired due to accidents or soft tissue diseases. Depending on your individual case, a nose correction can either address the outer nose (cosmetic rhinoplasty), the inner nose and the septum in case of functional deficits like difficulties with breathing or snoring (functional septorhinoplasty) or all of the above at once.

Nose correction surgery has a very low complication rate and a very high satisfaction rate with our patients. The procedure can be performed either as an isolated procedure or in combination with other facial procedures like facelift, browlift, frontal lift or with chin augmentation with implants.

Pre-operative considerations include an thorough evaluation of your anatomy and bone structure including the recommendation of possible complementary procedures like a chin implant to correct imbalances of the facial skeleton which often exist in rhinoplasty patients. Our advice regarding the combination of procedures, your understanding of the 3 dimensional composition of your face and our in-depth knowledge of the different available techniques are paramount in obtaining long-lasting and natural results.

  • Technical term
    Rhinoplasty / Septorhinoplasty
  • Duration of surgery
    1-3 hours
  • Anaesthesia
    Sedation and local or General
  • Discharge from clinic
    Same day / 1 night
  • Fit for society
    10 days
  • Back to work
    3–7 days
  • Aftercare and recovery
    Tape dressings or cast for 7-12 days

What to know before Nose Correction

What to Know Before Nose Correction and Nose Surgery. Ocean Clinic

The shape, cartilage structure, skin quality and eventual existing functional deficits of your nose are key in choosing the nose correction technique (open or closed rhinoplasty) best suited to you and if any functional corrections of the septum or the turbinates are necessary.
We will examine and explain if any changes to your chin or cheek region are recommendable to achieve a balanced and harmonic result.

If you have trouble breathing you may suffer from internal nose problems like a deviation of the septum or an enlargement of the turbinates (concha). Our surgeons may ask you for additional exams like a MRI Scan and will discuss every case with our collaborating ENT surgeons.

If your nose skin shows signs of photo-ageing like stains, pigmentation, fine lines / rhytids and a general loss of brilliance a peeling maybe recommended by us.

We will discuss with you if either an open technique (small cut on the base of the nose) or a closed technique (from inside the nostrils) is more appropriate, in case of the scar on the base of the nose it is normally hardly visible after 2-3 months.

This kind of procedure is mostly performed under deep iv sedation (Twilight sleep) for tip refinement procedures or under general anesthesia if the nasal bones need to be addressed. The procedure is generally pain-free and takes between 1-3 hours.

Recovery is 7-10 days, with some swelling and bruising during the first 7 days. Stitches maybe removed by day 7 and swelling and bruising have mostly subsided after 10 days. Makeup can be worn after a week. There may be some numbness of the skin and hardness of the subcutaneous skin layers during the first 4-6 weeks before recovery is complete. It may take up to 1 year to achieve the final aesthetic result due to long lasting residual swelling of the nose.

Patient testimony

Rhinoplasty has had a huge positive impact on how I look, feel and breathe. And the way they handled it made it a painless procedure with a very fast recovery.


The Ocean Clinic Concept is to avoid any unnecessary pain and discomfort. Most of our rhinoplasty procedures are performed under general anesthesia or at least intravenous sedation. This concept allows for a complete pain –free procedure. Postoperative pain in nose correction surgery is rare; most of our patients only have a slight feeling of pressure around the nose and in the forehead for 24h- 48 h treated with oral pain medication.
Most patients can go home on the same day and come for a check -up the day after; stiches are removed after 7 days. During the first 4 weeks postoperative our patients will be referred to our unique physiotherapeutic aftercare for quicker recovery and less swelling. Do not lift any objects beyond 5kg and avoid sports involving weights during 14 days.

Rhinoplasty surgery has very few complications if carried out by an experienced surgeon in a accredited facility. Rare complications include postoperative bleeding requiring revision, asymmetries of the nose, difficulties with breathing, unsatisfactory scar healing requiring scar correction at a later date and prolonged recovery due to swelling and / or hematoma.
Changes of sensibility of the skin are expected during the early postoperative period and disappear after 6 months.

Once a stable result is achieved after 12 months healing time the results are in most cases stable for life.

Rhinomodelation with facial fat grafting or injectable fillers alone is a possible alternative technique if the a better shape of nose back or tip can be achieved by adding volume, but the results are less dramatic than with an surgical nose correction.

Our surgeons performed more than 300 nose correction procedures within the last 10 years and have a vast experience in reduction as well as augmentation rhinoplasty. We offer as well a ample experience in nose surgery for facial feminization in transgender patients.

The next step

Nose Correction and Nose Surgery after surgery and beyond. Ocean Clinic