Plastic Surgery

Ocean Clinic Marbella

Ocean Clinic Marbella - the most contemporary clinic offering plastic and aesthetic surgery on the Costa del Sol. Spaciously designed over 600 m2, the Ocean Clinic is located in the center of Marbella’s old town, facing the iconic Alameda Park.

The clinic has its own state-of the-art surgery suite with medium-care recovery unit, equipped with the latest technology for patient safety and comfort and a day care surgery ward.

Clinic Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery | Ocean Clinic Marbella


The best Team: Plastic surgeons with more than 15 years of experience performing over 1000 surgeries per year. ⇒ Plastic Surgeons

Trust: Our surgeons belong to the most prestigious plastic surgery associations in the world, such as VDÄPC, DGPRÄC, GÄCD, ISAPS, ASPS, EBOPRAS and BAPRAS. All Ocean Clinic surgeons are continuously trained in the latest techniques.

Recognitions and awards: Commitment of all professionals at the clinic, and excellence in patient care. ⇒ Awards

Our benefits: Leader in aesthetic and plastic surgery and anti-aging medicine, with an specialized unit in physiotherapy.

After surgery, our patients recover in one of our day-care patient suites prior to their return to their home or hotel. The suites are equipped with bathroom, flat-screen TV and wifi.

Our operating department has a sterilization room and a well-equipped recovery room, with monitors, respirator, cooling machine, multifunction recovery beds and a nurse per patient to ensure maximum comfort, safety and care during patient recovery.

The goal of Ocean Clinic’s anesthesia department is to make your preoperative stay as comfortable and safe as possible so that your experience in our clinic is relaxed and positive.

Ocean Clinic Marbella is led by Dr. Kai Kaye. Doctor Kaye is a certified plastic surgeon in Germany, Spain and the UK and an internationally known scientific lecturer.

  • Water jet-assisted liposculpture (Bodyjet®)
  • Power-assisted liposculpture (Tickle Lipo/ Lipomatic®)
  • Plasma blade technology for tummy tucks and facelifts
  • Fractional RF for body and face tightening