Breast Implant Replacement

Ocean Clinic Marbella

For over 50 years, breast augmentation has become, and remained, one of the most common cosmetic procedures. Subsequently, the change of breast implants, due to various reasons, became more and more frequent as well. An implant change may be necessary due to capsular fibrosis / capsular contraction, which can manifest many years after the surgery and can be the cause of a change in aesthetic outcome, discomfort and pain.

With the modern implants used nowadays, capsular fibrosis is far more rare, and the time interval of its appearance considerably prolonged, however, patients have to bear in mind that no implant currently available can be considered as lifetime device.Progressive sagging of the breast, with or without an implant, remains an inevitable factor of ageing and gravity and may result in the desire for an implant change for aesthetic reasons. Furthermore, requests for different size, shape or changes experienced after multiple pregnancies may present an additional motive for this procedure.

While planning a breast implant change, many factors have to be taken into account, such as the size, position and shape of new implants, and potential complementary procedures, such as a breast uplift, to optimize the aesthetic outcome.

Breast Implant Replacement | Ocean Clinic Marbella