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Medical Microneedling Treatment

The skin aging process is easily recognized by its various caracteristics: sun spots, redness, roughness, lack of glow, other pigment conditions such as melasma and the most commom complaint - wrinkles. Those features are a combination of incapacity to regenerate, oxidation and glication of basic structures such as collagen, hyperfunction of some cells such as vessels and melanine and impaired cell defense. All this happens at the same time in different levels and speeds and it causes a miscommunication in between key cells and layers. Do you know that the skin layers communicate and the lack or miscommunication are one the most important treatment targets.

Microneedling is a powerful tool that permites restoration of dermal-epidermal healthy communication, as much as cell communication. Through microstimulation of specific growth factors and regulatory factors it re-establishes that communication and can add long term results to many procedures. It can also be used as a preapration for many other procedures to assure that when the treatment is done the communication in between layers is re-established and the procedure will have the best result possible (eg. fat grafting and face and neck lift).

  • Technical term
    Microneedling (DERMAPEN® 4-th Generation)
  • Duration
    30 minutes
  • Anaesthesia
    Numbing cream
  • Number sessions
    1 – 3 sessions (depending on condition)
  • Discharge
    Same day
  • Fit for society
    1-3 days (depending on conditon and intensity of treatment)
  • Back to work
    1-7 days (depending on condition and intensity)
  • Aftercare
    Avoid sun exposure, sunscreen, calming creams or specific lubricants, bleaching creams (depending on condtion)
  • Maintenance
    3 - 6 months

What to know before Medical Microneedling

What to Know Before Medical Microneedling Treatment. Ocean Clinic

The use of microneedling is very popularized nowadays so what is the difference, how can we make it really effective? What is the secret?

1- Have the right depth of needle that reaches superficial or mid dermal layer = from 1,0-2,5 mm
2- Have the right number of passes that will cause enough stimulation on the area = 10-40 passses
3- Have the right force and penetration to be able to cause pinpoint bleeding

The 4th generation cordless microneedling - Dermapen 4-th generation, gives you the chance to not only customize depth and speed of needling per area but also allows you to boost the treatment by combining dermabrasion to treat certain conditions such as scars, stretch marks and wrinkles.

The rate of complications of microneedling is very low when the right patients are selected. The treatment is customized in different patients or same patients but different areas. In some patients preparation of the skin is needed especially for patients with darker skin or melasma. The after care is very important. Downtime can vary from 2-7 days of redness.

The microneedling treatments can be be done as a single or multiple procedure,( 1-3 sessions). It can be used as preparation for some treatments like: pre surgery that involves fat grafting or combined with other treatments to complete our 3- dimensional approach to aging skin .

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