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Combined technology treatments

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Combined technology treatments

After 20 years working with lasers and other technologies my conclusion is that no tech is good enough alone. There is always more than one layer to be treated and more than one target to be hit in order to achieve an holistic result: laxity, brown spots, vessels, hyperpigmentation...

Technology treatments

Here at Ocean Clinic Marbella, the idea is to use different technologies in one session to offer 3d results in less sessions. According to recent publications the combinations also have a boosting effect when the goal is new collagen and elastin stimulation.

Complementary treatment combined

There are inumerous combinations possible according to the skin needs and aging level. The session normally takes from 30 min to 1,5 hours and the downtime would depend really on which techs are being combined: 0-7 days.


Combined technology treatments Anti-Aging Medicine Equipo y terapeutas Marbella

Cutera xeo is a platform that permits the treatment of large pores and poor skin texture, dark spots, superficial teleangectasias or deeper vessels in a very safe and effective way.

  • IPL Limelight: treats spider veins, thin vessels and erythema of the face and also targets pigment accumulated in dark spots or hyperpigmented áreas
  • Genesis – A micropulsed Nd: YAG laser that can be used to treat skin surface, resistant melasma, bruising and also nail fungus
  • ND: YAG Long Pulse 4-5 – A long pulse laser that target larger vessels of the face and body áreas.

The treatment can be done all in the same day and sometimes it can require more than one session. The downtime (crusts or redness) is different for each handpiece: IPL 2-7 days, Yag laser long pulse 2-5 days, Genesis none. Because your skin should reflect the youth of your soul.

⇒ IPL laser treatments


The newest innovation in cellulite treatment.

Do you know how cellulite develops over the years? Nowadays we know it is not just a matter of skin and edema or excessive fat. The process starts when the balance in between deep and superficial fat layers, tension of subcutaneous tissue (fascia) and the skin is disrupted and so there is more tension on the structural bands therefore dimples appear and our goal is to treat those bands.

  • Cellfina treatment consist of cutting the bands in different depths, under suction to stabilize the whole process, promoting a controlled and precise procedure
  • Other treatments have been on the Market for years but nothing like Cellfina
  • Normally only one session needed. Downtime can be 7 days. (Pre and post)


The hydrafacial is designed to cleanse the skin, while giving it a radiant glow. The hydrafacial is a 4-1 device that cleanses, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates all using vortex technology that produces different amount of suction, abrasion and infusion of different solution under pressure.

Combined technology treatments Anti-Aging Medicine Equipo y terapeutas Marbella
  • STEP 1) Vortex Cleansing & Hydrapeel Exfoliation: This step of the hydrafacial is designed to remove dead cells from the skin’s surface through water-based exfoliation. Further, the benefit of this initial step is the removal of sebum, which can otherwise block penetration of skin care ingredients and exacerbate the clogging of pores, as it can act almost like a glue for small particles.
  • STEP 2) Pore Loosening: The second step in the hydrafacial is to infuse the pores with a mild mix of salicylic and glycolic acids. These are common ingredients for pore cleansing, and are often included in anti acne skin care products due to their ability to loosen pore plugs that are responsible for inflammatory acne.
  • STEP 3) Pore Extraction: During this step of treatment, the loosened pore plugs and dirt are removed through the combination of vortex cleaning action of the hydrafacial applicator, combined with the immediate suctioning of the dirt and other particles. This step is meant to provide deep cleaning of the skin, to reduce future acne breakouts and boost penetration by helpful skin care ingredients. In some cases there is the indication of infusion of glycolic acid in different percentages (7,5%,15% or 30%) to enhance the quality of skin by thinning epidermal layer.
  • STEP 4) Serum Fusion: The last step involves infusing the skin with peptides, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. It is an interesting combination of ingredients as these chemicals may improve skin health in a variety of ways. For example, the antioxidants help repair skin damage, while the peptides can provide the essential building blocks for skin cell structures. Further, the hyaluronic acid can reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the short term by drawing moisture to the treatment site.
  • STEP 5) Additional HydraFacial Treatments (optional): In addition to general cleansing and infusion with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, the hydrafacial can be used to deliver additional chemicals to the skin. For example, the device can be adjusted to deliver growth factors to the skin or bleaching agents.


Combined technology treatments Anti-Aging Medicine Equipo y terapeutas Marbella

Have you ever wondered if you could effectively treat localized accumulated fat non surgically? You can!!

Do you know what cryolipolisys is?
The cryolipolisys treatment targets the fat cells acumulated in localized areas such as submental, abdomen, thighs, arms and flanks. It uses a very fast, safe and homogeneous transducer that can get temperatures below 10 degrees and therefore it freezes the fat cells in the superficial fat layer, without damaging the skin.

CoolSculpting Advantage - is the best recommendation. It takes from 30-45 min to do one cycle and 1-8 cycles per area, depending on the size and shape. In 3 months the final results appear. Some areas, according to the amount of fat presente needs more than one session in the same area.


Non surgical lifting and how to enhance collagen are the two most asked questions about non invasive procedures.
Neocollagenesis: to bring collagen or new collagen fibers are the most used expressions to translate what technology can bring to, not only our skin layer, but also deeper layers such as subcutaneous areas. Ultherapy uses focused ultrasound to heat and generate micro-coagulation zones in different depths. The micro-coagulation zones trigger a direct and indirect effect on fibroblasts inducing new collagen and elastin production. It is a precise and effective way of really bringing enough new collagen and elastin to achieve a satisfactory clinical result. Microfocused ultrasound is the best and most versatile heat technology that can bring new collagen and elastin to 3 different depths, different densities and is approved as a non surgical lifting tool.

Our secret in using Ultherapy is:

  • 1) Ultrasound to visualize and customize our protocols according to each area treated and each patient.
  • 2) Use a potent numbing cream creating a comfortable treatment according to each patients sensibility to pain
  • 3) Use this treatment in combination with others if needed to achieve the result wanted.

In Ocean Clinic Marbella we believe that neocollagenesis in all levels and layers is one of the pillars of our 3-dimensional approach to restore youthful look from skin texture to a tight subcutaneous layer, therefore a good way to fight the gravity effect that worsens with age.

MFU-V treatments have no downtime. Results can last from 1 – 1,5 years depending on the severity and area treated. It can be used as a preventive tool or as an antiaging treatment. Depending on severity, vectors and depth of tissue layers it can be used alone as a lifting treatment for face, neck, chest or body areas, or combined with other treatments such as : injectable fillers, ipl/lasers, injectable toxins, microneedling, body tightening, bioestimulators - radiesse dilute, pre fat grafting, post surgical maintenance.

There is no need for preparation. Our team recommend no aftercare specific treatment.

⇒ Microfocused ultrasound

Absorbable threads

Combined technology treatments Anti-Aging Medicine Equipo y terapeutas Marbella

What is a thread lift? Does it substitute a surgery? Are they absorbable and what can be expected?

The thread lift with absorbable threads has been in the market for many years but its use requires a highly detailed plan and an experienced physician to guarantee the best aesthetic result and duration. There are two different types of threads on the market now:

  • 1) Poly lactic acid (silhouette) which are bi-directional threads that use cones to creat lift
  • 2) PDO threads (anchor, barb) that can be used in many depths from dermis to subcutaneous and are unidirectional that use barbs to creat lift or just collagen stimulation in more superficial layers of skin.

The treatment is fast, safe and has an immediate effect but does not substitute a surgery in the power of its lifting effect or duration (12-18 months). It is very good as a single tool for very mild cases when the patient has not lost volume and has a good skin thickness, or as a complementary treatment combined with fillers, injectables or technology. It can be used in face, neck or other body areas like arms and abdomen. It does not require preparation and downtime depends, 3-7 days. Relative rest is recommended especially for body areas.

Stretch marks

Combined technology treatments Anti-Aging Medicine Equipo y terapeutas Marbella

This is one the most challenging conditions to be treated. A breakage in the skin that can have different severities (superficial, deep, thin, wide...).

Most commonly after severe stretch of the skin (pregnancy, weight gain, muscle gain, rapid growth) it presents as red lines when recent and as white lines when it is mature. The treatment needs to include different tools to treat not only the gap and depression formed by the breakage in collagen and elastin, but also the colour and superficial atrophic layer of skin. That is why it is so challenging.

One of the most effective treatments, published by our team 4 years ago, is to combine three different treatments: ulthera to stimulate collagen and elastin from deep to superficial layers, radiesse diluted to treat the gap and disguise the color difference and also dermapen to improve the superficial atrophy and boost the two others. Downtime is 5 days and the appearance starts to improve very soon after the treatment and keeps improving for a year. Depending on the severity more than one session is needed.

Acne and acne scars

Combined technology treatments Anti-Aging Medicine Equipo y terapeutas Marbella


Acne is a condition that can be present from teenage phase to adult phase. As all multifactorial conditions cannot be treated with one tool only, the most important thing is to have the correct skincare regime for each season and skin type. At Ocean Clinic Maarbella we choose the best collection of creams and treatments to not only control but to treat the signs of acne scar flares such as hiperpigmentation, scars and red spots.

Treatments can have the goal of controlling acne flares-eg, such skin peelings and oral pills, to treat acne scars such as ulthera and radiesse, microneedling or laser and deep peeling, or to maintain results such as hydrafacial and facials. All skin regimes are not only personalized according to skin type and acne severity but also according to season.

Acne scars

Acne scarring is a condition with so many different facets. There are many different types of acne scars: ice picks, bridge, atrophic, depressed, discromic... That is why to be effective in acne scar treatment a very precise assessment needs to be done in order to define what needs to be combined.

For distensable, atrophic and dyscromic scars our newest and most effective combination is three tools: radiesse dilute to treat atrophy of deep dermal layer and to improve discoloration, ulthera to boost collagen and elastin formation by tightening dermis and subcutaneous layer and microneedling to treat the superficial appearance and boost the other two.

Drug delivery

Combined technology treatments Anti-Aging Medicine Equipo y terapeutas Marbella

The main goal of this technique is to enhance the absorbtion and therefore efficacy of active ingredients present in some lotions and serums created specifically to be used in Drug Delivery (sterile and ready to be injected).

The penetration of the product and depth can be achieved along with microneedling or fractioned laser ablative and non ablative (CO2 and Erbium). It can be used for rejuvenation purposes where DMAE, VitC and hialuronic acid can be delivered. Alopecia where Vit B, minoxidil and other drugs are of use. Melasma that benefits from tranexamic acid, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.

Stretch marks where vit C enhances the new collagen formation or scars (recent and old). A huge variety of combinations of different sterile solutions can be employed. More than one session might be necessary to achieve expected results. Downtime of 2-7 days depending on indication and depth of treatment chosen.