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Ear Correction

Ear Correction & Ear Pinning

Ear correction and ear pinning procedures treat an exposed feature of the face- your ears. Due to alterations in the development of the ear during pregnancy, weak cartilage or certain genetic dispositions, the ears maybe protruding, misshaped or irregular in shape. Depending on your case, an Otoplasty can address shape, size, position or all of the above at once.

Ear correction surgery has a very low complication rate and a very high satisfaction rate with our patients. The procedures can be performed either as an isolated procedure or in combination with other facial procedures like facelift, browlift, frontal lift, chin augmentation with implants or rhinoplasty.

Pre-operative considerations include an thorough evaluation of your ear shape and the recommendation of the adequate technique or combination of techniques to achieve long-lasting and natural results.

  • Technical term
  • Duration of surgery
    1-2 hours
  • Anaesthesia
    Sedation and local or only local
  • Discharge from clinic
    Same day / 1 night
  • Fit for society
    7 days
  • Back to work
    3–7 days
  • Aftercare and recovery
    Bandage for 24 h, elastic hair band for 4 weeks

What to know before Ear Correction

What to Know Before Ear Correction & Ear Pinning. Ocean Clinic

Your ear´s shape, size and cartilage structure are key in choosing the ear correction technique best suited to you. We will discuss with you if either a simply ear pinning procedure (Concharotation) or a more complex ear cartilage reshaping (Creation of new anthelix fold) is necessary, furthermore we will examine and explain if any changes to your earlobe are recommendable to achieve the desired effect.

The ear is not fully grown and developed within the first 6 years of life, so the earliest convenient time is after the 6 birthday. Most parents and kids choose to have the operation performed at this time. In an adult this procedure can be performed at any time.

The scars are mostly placed within the natural crease on the back of your ear and from this point the cartilage is addressed from the backside of the ear (posterior cartilage scoreing / shaping) The scars are normally hardly visible after 2-3 months.

This kind of procedure is mostly performed under deep intravenous sedation (Twilight sleep) combined with loco-regional anesthesia or purely under local anesthesia. You will sleep throughout the procedure, but you will be able to move arms and legs like in normal sleep, which lowers the risk for thrombosis. The procedure is generally painfree and takes between 1-2 hours.

Recovery is 7- 10 days, with some swelling and bruising during the first 7 days. Stitches maybe removed by day 10 and swelling and bruising have mostly subsided after 17 days. Makeup can be worn after a week. There may be some numbness of the skin of the ear and hardness of the post auricular scar during the first 4-6 weeks before recovery is complete.

Patient testimony

I should have done it earlier. I used to be ashamed of my ears. I was always trying to hide them. Today, I feel self-confident.


The Ocean Clinic Concept is to avoid any unnecessary pain and discomfort. Most of our ear correction procedures are performed under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation. This concept allows for a complete pain–free procedure with our patients being sedated only for their comfort. Postoperative pain in ear pinning / ear correction surgery is not common, most of our patients only have a slight pain and tenderness at touch for 24h- 48 h treated with oral pain medication.
Most patients can go home on the same day and come for a check-up the day after; stiches are removed after 10 days. An elastic headband needs to be worn 2 weeks day & night and another 2 weeks during the night only.
During the first 4 weeks postoperative our patients will be referred to our unique physiotherapeutic aftercare for quicker recovery and less swelling.
Do not lift any objects beyond 5kg and avoid sports involving weights during 14 days.

Ear correction surgery has very few complications if carried out by an experienced surgeon in a accredited facility. Rare complications include postoperative bleeding requiring revision, asymmetries of the ear due to release of internal sutures (relapse), unsatisfactory scar healing requiring scar correction at a later date and prolonged recovery due to swelling and / or hematoma.
Changes of sensibility of the skin are expected during the early postoperative period and disappear with time.

Once a stable result is achieved after 3 months healing time the results are in most cases for life.

There are non-surgical methods like Ear-Fold on the market which treat the ear cartilage deformity with some kind of clipping trough the skin. This kind of treatment has not proven it´s long-term results so far but promises quicker recovery than surgical otoplasty. It is not suitable for all patients, our surgeons will advise if your anatomy would be suitable for this alternative or not.

Our surgeons performed more than 400 otoplasty procedures within the last 10 years. Our clinic has a vast experience in cosmetic pediatric and adult ear correction techniques as well in ear reconstruction after accidents or tumor resection.

The next step

Ear Correction & Ear Pinning after surgery and beyond. Ocean Clinic