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Facial Fat Grafting

Facial Fat Grafting

Modern Lipotransfer techniques have changed facial rejuvenation completely. The understanding of the role of volume loss a as a main factor of facial ageing has let to the integration of new techniques that replace lost volume rather than pulling tight emoty and sagging facial skin. This new approach contributes towards more natural and more complete results without the stigmata of older face lift techniques. Our academic contributions like the PAVE Lift and many other publications within this exiting new filed of combined facial rejuvenation define our role as leading clinic in the field of integrated facial rejuvenation.

Facial Lipotransfer procedures have a very low complication rate and a very high satisfaction rate with our patients. They can be performed either as an isolated procedure or in combination with other facial procedures like eyelid lift, browlift frontal lift, chin augmentation with implants or rhinoplasty.

Pre-operative considerations include an thorough evaluation of your facial anatomy and bone structure including the recommendation of possible complementary or alterantive procedures like a facelift. Our advice regarding the combination of techniques, your understanding of the 3 dimensional ageing process and our enthusiasm for the best possible results are paramount in obtaining long-lasting and natural results.

  • Technical term
    Facial Lipotransfer
  • Duration of surgery
    1-2 hours
  • Anaesthesia
    Sedation and local or local only
  • Discharge from clinic
    Same day
  • Fit for society
    10 days
  • Back to work
    4 days
  • Aftercare and recovery
    No Bandages in face, compression strap on donor site for 7 days

What to know before Facial Fat Grafting

What to Know Before Facial Fat Grafting . Ocean Clinic

Your age, skin quality and your anatomic proportions are key in choosing the fat grafting technique best suited to you. We will discuss with you if either Micro Fat grafting, Nano Fat grafting or a combination of both is more appropriate, furthermore we will examine and explain if any additional technique would be advisable for the best aesthetic outcome.

If your skin shows signs of photo-ageing like stains, pigmentation, fine lines / wrinkles and a general loss of brilliance a peeling maybe recommended by us and performed at the same time as your facial fat grafting surgery to minimize downtime.

This treatment is performed using very thin cannulas (needles) to harvest the fat and to re-inject it after washing and filtration. As there is no incision there are no visible scars with facial fat grafting.

This kind of procedure is mostly performed under deep iv sedation (Twilight sleep) combined with local anesthesia. You will sleep throughout the procedure, but you will be able to move arms and legs like in normal sleep, which lowers the risk for thrombosis. The procedure is generally pain free and takes between 1-2 hours.

Recovery is 7-10 days, with some swelling and bruising during the first 7 days. Makeup can be worn after 48 h. There may be some numbness of the skin and lumpiness of the subcutaneous skin layers during the first 6-8 weeks before recovery is complete.

Patient testimony

I am a plastic surgeon myself and a middle-age man and I know what I need – a fat grafting to my midface. Unfortunately, I cannot do it myself. Being in the business, I know whom to trust and where to get the best quality treatment. Thank you OC.

Y.O. (66)

The Ocean Clinic Concept is to avoid any unnecessary pain and discomfort. Most of our facial fat transfer procedures are performed under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation. This concept allows for a complete pain–free procedure with our patients being sedated only for their comfort. Postoperative pain in Facial surgery is rare, most of our patients only have a slight tenderness for 24h- 48 h treated with oral pain medication. Patients generally can go home on the same day and come for a check-up after 2-3 days. During the first 4 weeks postoperative our patients will be referred to our unique physiotherapeutic aftercare for quicker recovery and less swelling. Do not lift any objects beyond 5kg and avoid sports involving weights during 14 days.

Facial Lipotransfer has very few complications if carried out by an experienced surgeon in a accredited facility. It is an biological procedure transplanting living cells, so outcome depends on the individual survival of the transplanted cells.
Due to this biological factor more than 1 session of facial fat grafting maybe necessary in some cases to achieve the desired rejuvenation effect, especially in the case of smokers. Rare complications include infection, facial asymmetry requiring revision, and prolonged recovery due to swelling and / or hematoma.
Changes of sensibility of the skin are expected during the early postoperative period and disappear with time.

Most patients have a very satisfying result after 1 single treatment, which lasts for 3-5 years or more. Changes in the outcome are to be expected within the first 12 months until the body has eliminated all non-vital cells; afterwards the durability of results depends on lifestyle and maintenance of a stable body weight. However, facial ageing continuous after any procedure, therefore many of our patients choose to have touch-up procedures or alternative treatments after a couple of years.

Facelifting alone or in combination with facial fat grafting is a possible alternative technique if the laxity of skin and muscle is very pronounced. It may be an option if you wish for more dramatic rejuvenation results.
A deep dermal skin resurfacing with a Phenol Peel can be a valid treatment alternative for skin with very pronounced Elastosis and Photo-Ageing. This method has dramatic results with pan-facial rejuvenation, but recovery is longer than with the Facial Fat grafting and results and suitability are skin-type dependent.

Our surgeons performed more than 1000 Fat grafting procedures within the last 10 years. Our clinic is a worldwide leader in combining facelift techniques with facial fat grafting for re-volumizing of the ageing face and skin resurfacing with peels to address the skin texture and imperfections like age spots and discolorations in one single treatment session. Many of these techniques have been published in international peer-reviewed journals and are on the forefront of new field of 3-dimensional facial rejuvenation.

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