Plastic Surgery - Why Now is A Great Time for

Plastic Surgery - Why Now is A Great Time for Marbella Ocean Clinic

Coronavirus has put the brakes on our social lives. But while we may miss getting dressed up and going out, the situation presents some advantages for working on our appearance.

As well as a great opportunity to lose weight and get fit, it’s also the perfect time to undergo plastic surgery. Read on to discover the 5 reasons why - and the procedures you might want to consider.

You have downtime

Most plastic surgery procedures require some downtime, whether that’s because you need to rest and recover, or simply because you will have visible swelling and bruising. Either way, you’ll usually need to schedule a period at home, taking time off work and avoiding important dates in your diary.

Right now, though, many of us are carrying out our work from home and, instead of having to go to meetings, are doing everything online or over the telephone. On top of this, all the big events that we would normally want to look good for - such as weddings, birthday celebrations and vacations - are on hold. This means it’s much easier to carve out the time needed for recovery without anyone noticing.

You can wear a face mask

Having to always wear a face mask in public is pain… but if you’ve had a procedure to your face it’s a blessing in disguise! Being able to conceal your lower face beneath the mask when you go out, means you can heal without feeling self-conscious.

It’s a good time to consider getting treatment for your eye bags, having a nose job, a chin implant or even a lower face lift. The face mask is also handy for hiding initial swelling or redness from non-invasive procedures like injectable fillers and microneedling.

There’s more focus on the face

Another reason you might be thinking more about plastic surgery at the moment is the increased focus the pandemic has put on our faces. The reason for this is two-fold. Firstly, the switch to virtual communications - speaking with friends, family and work colleagues by video rather than in-person - means we are spending longer looking at our own faces. Seeing ourselves from different angles on camera can cause us to notice imperfections we weren’t so aware of before.

Secondly, wearing face masks has diverted attention away from the mouth and towards the upper portion of the face. Because of this, we’re focusing on our eyes and brow more than we were previously. Suddenly, all we can see are crow’s feet, sagging upper eyelids and forehead lines! Getting Injectables is a quick fix, or boost your confidence for the long term with a brow lift.

You might have more money

If you’re one of the lucky ones, and Covid hasn’t affected your income, then it’s likely you’ve got a bit more surplus money than usual. That’s because the things you’d normally spend it on, such as going out to restaurants and bars in the evening or taking trips abroad aren’t possible right now.

You’re probably also spending less on clothes and visits to the hairdresser or beautician since you aren’t going out as much. Think about it, how much have you saved? Plastic surgery can be difficult to justify when you’re spending lots on your social life, but it becomes less of an indulgence when you haven’t been treating yourself elsewhere.

You need a boost

Not being able to see loved ones, travel or do your favourite things can chip away at your wellbeing. We’re also constantly being exposed to negative news so it’s normal to feel a bit down and despondent.

Doing something for yourself at this time can give you the boost you need. If you’ve thought about having plastic surgery for a while but never found the right opportunity to do it, now could be that time. Improving your appearance will increase your self-confidence and self-esteem and this will help your overall outlook.

Think now could be a great time for you to get treatment?

If now seems like the perfect opportunity to get the aesthetic treatment you’ve been thinking about, why not contact Ocean Clinic for a consultation? You can have a consultation with a plastic surgeon either in the clinic or online, via video call.

All types of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures are allowed to take place under the current restrictions and Ocean Clinic has gone to great lengths to make treatment safe for patients. You will receive a high level of care at every stage - before, during and after your procedure - and our doctors will be available to you by phone or video call throughout.

And the best thing about getting surgery now, is that when life returns to normal, you‘ll be looking and feeling better than ever!

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