Plastic Surgery Bundling

What is ‘Bundling’; the new global trend in Plastic Surgery?

So, what is the big new trend in plastic surgery for 2023? What is trending in plastic surgery worldwide?

Now that the Zoom boom in facial plastic surgery is easing off, the focus is centring back on the body. Ever heard of ‘bundling’? That’s the name for when patients request, and go through with, multiple surgical procedures in one go. This is not a new concept as, at Ocean Clinic, we often recommend a combination of procedures, depending on the individual, in order to achieve the optimal outcome. The shift globally however, seems to be coming forward in a new pattern; people used to ‘fix’ one thing at a time, nowadays patients are tending to lean towards the idea of getting multiple areas of the body done at once. This is to save time, recovery time, money (this can prove to be a more economical option), and the number of times they need anaesthesia in a one-stop rejuvenation process.

Plastic Surgery Bundling Marbella Ocean Clinic

Usually a client would focus on one area of the body or face and, once satisfied, may well move on to other parts at other times in life. The ‘bundling’ trend sees people checking over every part of themselves and having all the procedures (where possible, there are of course limits to how much can be done in one sitting) at the same appointment.

There are historically some ‘bundles’ that have gained popularity over the years and been given their own namesakes such as the ‘mommy make-over’ and the ‘daddy do-over’ - these entail a combination of surgical procedures. The first can include a selection of the following; breast augmentation (with fat grafting or implants), breast lift, breast reduction, liposuction, tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck, BBL (Brazilian butt lift), labiaplasty, as well as some non-surgical procedures to tighten and rejuvenate the skin. The ‘dad bods’ are rejuvenated with a selection of treatments such as liposuction, eye bag surgery (blepharoplasty), injectables, micro fat transfer, facial fat grafting, and body contouring, for example.

Is it safe to bundle treatments?

This latest surge does not come without complication and warning, however. For the team at Ocean Clinic it is essential that every client and case is taken as unique.The patient is fully assessed and their desires addressed in order to create the correct diagnosis and treatment plan for their particular situation. A person’s health is the most vital consideration when deciding upon procedures suitable for their body. It may not be appropriate or acceptable for some to undergo more than one procedure at a time, and therefore could create post-op problems if a ‘bundle’ were to be carried out on someone whose body simply isn’t up to that level of interference.

Is it safe to bundle treatments? | Marbella Ocean Clinic

Not all surgeries can be bundled

Certain procedures cannot be carried out during the same sitting due to the positioning of the surgery. For example, if the patient is undergoing a gluteal augmentation (Brazilian Butt Lift) it would take place face down, the patient would have to switch position to have a surgery on the flip side and the site of the operation would have to experience pressure, so a simultaneous rhinoplasty, for instance, would not be a good idea. It is possible, but would not be recommended.

The success of each operation is paramount and bundling together certain procedures may compromise this, therefore a professional, experienced surgeon should know what will and will not work in this respect and so diagnose and treat according to the individual’s final outcome. Some procedures are just not feasibly combined such as a brow lift at the same time as a hair transplant for example - one may compromise the success of the other and so should not be carried out in one sitting.

So, which surgeries can be ‘bundled’?

Which surgeries can be ‘bundled’? | Marbella Ocean Clinic

Most cosmetic procedures can be bundled if there are no major positioning, technical, or aftercare issues. Ocean Clinic has carried out many combination facial procedures such as rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, brow lift and facelift, for example.

Also the very popular Mommy Makeover or Daddy Do-Over are very popular and successful. Despite there being multiple sites for the surgeries, the complications and risks are minimal as they are a far enough distance that there is not too much going on in one area of the body and also they are all taking place on the same side of the body.

One major actor to be considered when discussing which procedures to go ahead with is that generally a maximum of 8 hours in the operating theatre is an acceptable amount of time. The longer the surgery time, the greater the risk of complication.

Bottom line

Bundling together surgeries is generally safe so long as you approach an experienced, board-certified surgeon to discuss your personal requirements. The doctor should be very clear on what can and cannot be achieved or carried out and explicit in explaining your recovery time and aftercare requirements. Contact Ocean Clinic today to discuss your needs and arrange a consultation with our outstanding, professional team.

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