Top Cosmetic Procedures for 2022

Top Cosmetic Procedures for 2022 Marbella Ocean Clinic

Which cosmetic procedures are set to be trending this year according to top surgeons worldwide?

An in-depth look at the rising trends in aesthetic and beauty medicine, as predicted by top plastic surgeons from around the world, to get an insight into the most popular aesthetic and cosmetic surgery procedures for 2022.


Sculpt that body into the shape you want it without going under the knife…sound good? Non-surgical procedures are becoming progressively sought-after, especially in the form of coolsculpting - a non-invasive method of freezing fat, and as a result reducing its presence in specified areas. The science of fat freezing targets stubborn fat (those bits you just can’t get rid of no matter how hard you try) and destroys the fat cells themselves allowing the body to then eliminate them naturally. Other popular treatments for 2022 include the more traditional liposuction, as well as newer advances in fat reduction, muscle toning, and skin tightening. Buttock augmentation and fat grafting are also on the rise as they continue to accelerate in popularity.

BODY CONTOURING cosmetic procedure 2022 - Marbella | Ocean Clinic
  • Treatment shown: Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Lasts: Lifetime
  • Anaesthesia: General
  • 2 Hour operation
  • Recovery 7-14 days
  • Pain level: 4/10
  • Click here more information on Ocean Clinic Buttock Augmentation.


Breast ops are topping the surgical charts due to sheer global volume. Breast augmentation is one of the world’s most popular cosmetic surgeries, and so there are inevitable maintenance, revisions, and transfer operations taking place on a massive scale. This is set to be one of the biggest trends of the year as technology advances and options increase. Shape, positioning, site of entry, materials are all developing plus newer procedures such as fat transfers or breast lifts are seeing increasing demand. Switching to a new shape, a more advanced material, or simply replacing ‘expiring’ models for new, the high percentage of females with implants alone will result in the consistent trend of periodic breast augmentation revisions, as well as the growing celebrity trend of implant removals (explants) or implant size reduction.

BREAST REVISIONS cosmetic procedure 2022 - Marbella | Ocean Clinic
  • Treatment shown: Breast Augmentation
  • Anaesthesia: General
  • Lasts: 10-15 years with check ups.
  • 1.5 hour operation
  • Recovery: 7-10 days
  • Pain level: 4/10
  • Click here for more information on Ocean Clinic Breast Augmentation


One thing Zoom calls during lockdown has taught us is that we know very well what we look like up close on screen! Facelift requests have been in abundance more in the last two years than ever, and these numbers are predicted to continue to increase in 2022 due to the continued work-from-home situation and rise in having to meet digitally as well as in person.

FACELIFTS cosmetic procedure 2022 - Marbella | Ocean Clinic
  • Treatment shown: Sub-SMAS deep plane facelift with fat grafting and modification of cervicomental angle.
  • Lasts: 10-15+ years
  • Anaesthesia: Sedation and local
  • Pain level: 5/10
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The biggest upsurge in demand for cosmetic surgery (as well as aesthetic and non-surgical procedures) is coming from a younger demographic than ever before. The digital world, albeit a place where you can filter and alter your appearance, has nonetheless caused a far wider reach of younger people comparing looks and wanting to maintain their youthfulness. Facelifts are being requested by those in their thirties and forties far more in recent years according to top surgeons from all over the world. One New York surgeon claimed that last summer was a record breaker in forty-somethings opting to begin their face-lifting path. She noted that this younger dyamic’s plan is to maintain a younger look for longer by taking baby steps earlier on, rather than wait for their sixties and then have to make a dramatic change.


These beauties are not going anywhere; according to a plethora of clinics around the globe, lip augmentation is here to stay and will continue to trend for the long-term. New techniques are on the rise as we are seeing far more fillers and fat transfers than ever as well as lip-shortening. All of these procedures do lean towards creating a more youthful mouth area as wrinkles are reduced in the process, thus increasing popularity.

LIPS cosmetic procedure 2022 - Marbella | Ocean Clinic
  • Treatment shown: Lip lift
  • Surgeon: Dr. Kai Kaye
  • Lasts: Permanent
  • Anaesthesia: Sedation & Local
  • 1 hour surgery
  • Recovery: 1 week
  • Pain level: 2/10
  • Click here for more information on Ocean Clinic Lip Augmentation.


Wellness, that oh so well-known buzz word, has become one of the biggest global markets in recent years as awareness and dedication to health and wellbeing has sky-rocketed. The natural route is favourable (think supplements and natural therapies), however this has not limited the decision to alter appearances surgically or using aesthetic treatments. In fact it has only served to increase numbers as people are increasingly more physically conscious. Clinics claim that injectables and fillers are becoming a way of life and continuously more in demand.


One thing that COVID-19 has definitely brought about is health and safety awareness. Never before has cleanliness and sanitising been so apparent and it has had a knock-on effect when people are selecting their doctors and where to go for procedures. The trend here is leaning towards clinics and surgeons with a long success history, zero bad press and above all excellent, shining facilities being those elected by the public.


Following on from the notion that we are all feeling more safety-conscious health-wise than ever before (due to pandemic effects), the rise in more traditional cosmetic procedures is set to be a continuing trend for 2022. People are feeling less inclined to try out relatively new aesthetic treatments and instead are opting for those that have been tried and tested over many years, those they can study the published long-term outcomes of online, as well as by talking to friends and relatives.

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