Should I Get Plastic Surgery?

Should I Get Plastic Surgery? Marbella Ocean Clinic

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For most people, the decision to get plastic surgery is a big one. Usually, when people come to see us at Ocean Clinic, they’ve already spent years dreaming about getting their ‘problem area’ fixed.

Committing to plastic surgery absolutely shouldn’t be rushed. However, when our patients finally take the plunge, they always tell us they wished they’d done it earlier.

Because of this, we thought we’d put together a quiz to help you understand if you’re ready or not, and the impact surgery could have on your wellbeing. Simply select the multiple choice answers that best reflect your situation and see whether you have mostly A’s, B’s or C’s at the end…

Q1. How long have you felt self-conscious about your problem area?

  1. For many years
  2. For the last few years
  3. Only recently

Q2. How do you feel when someone takes your photo?

  1. I try to avoid being in photos
  2. I try to hide my problem area in photos
  3. I’m pretty relaxed about being in photos

Q3. How often do you choose clothes or hairstyles to conceal your problem area?

  1. Always
  2. Most of the time
  3. Sometimes

Q4. To what extent does your problem area affect your romantic relationships?

  1. A lot
  2. A fair amount
  3. Not much

Q5. Have you had a consultation with a plastic surgeon before?

  1. Yes, we discussed the options
  2. No, but I’ve researched clinics
  3. No I haven’t looked into it yet

Q6. What is the main thing preventing you from getting plastic surgery?

  1. The cost
  2. Worry that it might go wrong
  3. Not looking like myself anymore

Q7. What are your expectations for surgery?

  1. To make the best of what I’ve got
  2. To look younger/more attractive
  3. To imitate a celebrity look

Q8. Have you tried other ways to improve your problem area?

  1. Only surgery can fix my problem
  2. I’ve tried things but nothing has worked
  3. I haven’t tried anything yet

Q9. Are you likely to have any lifestyle changes such as losing or gaining weight or becoming pregnant?

  1. Unlikely
  2. I’m not sure
  3. Likely

Q10. Do you smoke or use tobacco products?

  1. No
  2. Yes but I could stop
  3. Yes and I’d struggle to stop

The results

If you answered mostly A’s

You’re a great candidate for plastic surgery. Your problem area has had a negative effect on your wellbeing for a long time. It’s affecting your relationships, your confidence and restricting your freedom. When it comes to improving your problem area, you’ve researched your options and realise surgery is the best option. You have realistic expectations about what’s achievable and you’re not about to make any big lifestyle changes meaning you can really enjoy the benefit of your surgery results. If paying for surgery is a barrier, getting an up-to-date quote and looking at financing options might make it accessible for you.

If you answered mostly B’s

Your problem area has been on your mind for a while now… perhaps it’s time to do something about it? If you haven’t had a consultation with a plastic surgeon before, it makes sense to find out what solutions are open to you and how much this could cost. If you worry about things potentially going wrong with your surgery or no longer looking like yourself, discuss these concerns with the surgeon. Ask to see before and after photos, or even to speak with a previous patient to find out about their experience. Make sure you understand what results are achievable for you and what to expect before you make up your mind.

If you answered mostly C’s

As your appearance does not have a significant impact on your life, it might be unnecessary to go through with plastic surgery. Your dissatisfaction with your problem area may pass or you might be able to achieve improvements through diet and exercise or with non-surgical treatments. And if you simply desire to follow a beauty trend, it’s advisable to do it in a temporary way, because fads pass quickly! Cosmetic treatments like fillers and Botox can be a good way to get a boost without going under the knife. And don’t forget - smoking is a no-no for surgical procedures so you must be prepared to stop for several weeks if you do decide to have surgery.

Think you’re a good candidate for plastic surgery? Or simply want a cosmetic ‘tweakment’? Contact Ocean Clinic for more information.

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