Natural Looking Breast Implants

How to get the most natural looking breast implants? How can I make sure my new breasts look natural?

Any successful breast augmentation relies on personal requirements being met and aesthetic outcomes being delivered, the latest trend worldwide is to achieve the most natural look possible. But how can we ensure that is what we are going to get? What do we need to consider?

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Every case is individual, however, there are some particular criteria which can objectively and effectively result in a natural outcome. The surgeon will be aiming to achieve certain anatomical goals; a gentle slope between the collar bone and the nipple area, a straight or mildly upturning angle to the nipple protrusion, the cleavage should be balanced both medially and laterally, for example.

These are all factors to be analysed and approached during surgery, but there are other key things you can personally consider when seeking that natural look.


It is vital that the body size compliments the new breast; proportion is vital in presenting a natural appearance.

Consider your natural breast size as well as your body frame and shape - to increase or decrease the breast by a drastic amount will bring dramatic results rather than appear in keeping with your existing figure. That being said, if a person were to have wide hips and curvaceous buttocks then their natural figure could potentially carry a heavier breast without looking out of proportion, though it needs to be considered that this could create an overall larger body shape.

For a smaller frame, a large breast may look oddly out of proportion and result in discomfort from carrying more weight. Finding the right balance for your body is imperative. An experienced surgeon will be knowledgable when it comes to body size and shape and able to recommend a proportional and appropriate sized implant for you depending on your personal requirements.

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The size is also affected by the breadth of the body, too large an implant for a small chest width for example, will result in an abnormal looking outcome. Wider hips and chests can carry a larger breast, whereas slim hips and a slender chest would look disproportionate and unnatural. For women who have breastfed or suffer from a reduced ‘empty’ looking breasts since pregnancy, the implant can be considered more a reconstruction or ‘refill’ of the breast to replace that which was lost.

Consultation, analysis and measurements all taken in your pre surgery meetings will be when all the above is considered and deliberated - requiring a balance of science, experience and artistry by your surgeon.


There are various implant shapes to choose from, and of course if fat grafting is going to be included in your surgery this adds another level of variables when it comes to the shape of your new breasts. It all depends on your desired outcome and anatomy as to which shape works the best for your situation.

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The profile of your new breast is a vital factor in how natural it looks - the profile is the projection of the breast from the side; how far it extends from the body outwards. Implants with the same volume do have different projections, which ultimately alters the look of the breast.

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The last factor to consider is implant placement; where will the implant look more natural? If placed beneath the muscle it can leave the existing breast atop the implant resulting in simply a fuller, yet similar appearance and therefore give a more natural result. Implants placed above the muscle can look like implants as they are directly beneath the skin making their shape visible.

This also of course depends on the individual case as some women with the implant placed below the muscle feel that the movement of the muscle becomes more unnatural looking when the breast implant moves with it - this does not happen without an implant and so seems to be a less natural result. This is all a discussion to be had with the surgeon who will be able to answer any related questions and predict the outcome of specific scenarios dependant on your personal anatomy.

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A breast augmentation with silicon implants is effective and safe. For over 50 years, it has been, and continues to be, one of the most common procedures in our field. We use a selection of brands (Motiva, Polytech, B - Lite), each with their specific characteristics and advantages. The choice of brand, as well as the size and the shape of the implants, is tailored to your preferences and unique anatomy.

Pre-operative considerations include the positioning of the implants and, if suitable, possible complementary measures such as a breast lift and /or a fat transfer. Our consultation, regarding the technique and the nature of implants, will result in a 3D simulation of your projected outcome. Your thoroughly informed consent and enthusiasm are paramount in obtaining the breast you desire. Most importantly, a thoughtful and honest exchange between us is essential for us to truly understand and realise your wishes.