Breast Surgery - Implants or Uplift?

Thinking of breast surgery? Take the breast test!

  1. The test helps you understand if you need breast augmentation with implants or an breast uplift - or both
  2. First, put on an unpadded bikini top and look in the mirror
  3. If you’re happy with how your breasts look, you probably don’t need breast implants
  4. Now, take off the bikini and measure from your collarbone down to the breast nipple
  5. If the nipple is below 18-22 cms, your breasts need uplifting
  6. If your nipples are in a good position but you’re unhappy in a bikini, you require implants
  7. If you’re not happy with your breasts in a bikini and your nipples fall low, you need both breast implants and an breast uplift

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