10 things you only know if you’ve had breast implants

10 things you only know if you’ve had breast implants Marbella Ocean Clinic

If you’ve always dreamed of having bigger breasts, then you’ll know a breast augmentation could be a life-changing operation. You may have read or heard a lot about the procedure, but the guides won’t tell you everything. Here are some of the things you usually only find out once you’ve got your new assets!

1) You have to buy a whole new wardrobe

You’ve probably guessed that you’d need to replace your bras after having a breast enlargement, but how about tops and dresses, too? Even if you only go up by a cup size or two, you’ll find that your clothes just don’t fit the way they used to.

Shirts that used to fit perfectly will now gape at the buttons, while tops and dresses that aren’t made to stretch will flatten your new, larger boobs - not what you want. Meanwhile, you’ll spill out of low cut outfits - which you may or may not want! Either way, it’s a great excuse to go shopping.

2) Your boobs look great from all angles

If your boobs look like two tennis balls in a pair of socks when you lean forward or like a couple of flat pancakes when you lie down, it may come as quite a surprise how their appearance changes after a breast enlargement.

Now, you can enjoy a beautifully shaped breast from any position. When you lie down, your breasts relax naturally but they don’t completely disappear. And when you lean forward, you’ll find gravity is still your friend - you no longer have to be afraid of catching an unflattering glimpse in the mirror!

3) You can throw away your bras (if you want to)

Are you the type of person who removes their bra as soon as they get home? Underwire and padding can be restrictive and uncomfortable, but if you’ve not got much up top (or your boobs are not as perky as they once were) you won’t want to go without one.

Everything changes when you have a boob job. Your breasts are full, shapely and sit in the perfect position on your chest without any help. This means you can do away with underwire and opt for comfy bralettes instead, or you can go completely braless. No more fiddly strapless or stick-on bras to contend with when wearing plunging necklines - just a great, natural cleavage!

4) They’ll feel odd for a while

It’s not just the new size of your breasts that you’ll have to get used to, they’ll feel different too. When implants are implanted they disrupt the many thousands of nerves in the breast tissue. This means you’ll have lesser sensation in your boobs for a while.

They may feel a little numb or cold to the touch but the nerve endings gradually repair themselves and feeling returns. On the plus side, while you’re waiting for this to happen, your new, larger breasts will make you feel sexier.

5) Some exercises can become challenging

After a breast enlargement, physical activity can be affected and it’s not just a case of having to hold down lumps you never had before! It really depends on the placement of your implants. If you have them placed under the muscle, it will make using those chest muscles a little harder.

You’ll feel the difference if you try to do pull-ups, press-ups or lift weights. For that reason, if you’re very sporty or love pumping metal at the gym, you should speak to your surgeon about above the muscle placement, which will probably be better for you.

6) Your kids will make comments

We all know kids have no filter, so if you have kids and they’re old enough to talk, you can expect comments! Prepare for everything from, “Mummy, they’re huge!” to “those things are getting in the way” when trying to use you as a springboard for acrobatics.

Some adults will make comments too (I’m sure you can think which of your friends will love to tease you). And you’ll probably acquire a new nickname or two, such as “Jugasaurus” or “Tits McGee” (Anchorman reference, in case you were wondering). Just smile and laugh, they’re only jealous…

7) They just keep on getting better

The great thing about breast implants is that they’re the gift that keeps on giving. You’ll be delighted when the bandages first come off but in the early stages, they’re nowhere near as nice as they’re going to be.

Your boobs will continue to improve in appearance as the months pass. They will settle down on your chest, dropping to a natural position. They will also soften as scar tissue continues to resolve and as you lay down a little fat around them. Malleability will also improve as muscle and skin slowly stretches out. You may still be noticing changes a couple of years down the line!

8) Your partner will never tire of looking at them

While we have breast implants to feel good about ourselves, it’s nice to know our partners appreciate them too. You will enjoy many compliments as they marvel at them, time and time again.

It’s true that they never seem to get bored of looking at them. If you get dressed in front of your partner every day you might wonder how they can still seem so entertained looking at your body, but at least their admiring glances tell you it was money well spent.

9) You’ll find new ways to sleep

When you first come home after your surgery, you’ll have to wear a surgical bra that holds everything in place and you’ll be told to sleep propped up on your back. Once you’re healed and your bandages are off you’ll be able to sleep more freely but you may find you adopt a new preferred position.

If you always used to sleep on your front, that probably won’t feel so good any more as it squishes your chest. On the other hand, sleeping on your side can be really comfy if you support your upper body by cuddling a pillow or, as I like to call it, a “boob cushion”.

10) You’ll feel better about the rest of your body

A breast enlargement doesn’t just make you feel more confident about the size of your chest, it also makes you happier with your body as a whole. If before you didn’t like your round belly, offset by bigger boobs it will look smaller and less noticeable.

And if you thought your hips or bum looked too big, increasing your breast size will bring it all into proportion. It’s surprising how altering your breasts can change the way you see the rest of your body. Bits you once viewed as too big are now a perfect part of your womanly figure.

Now you’ve heard what it’s really like having breast implants, why not see what breast implants really look like?