Natural Looking Breast Augmentation

Natural look with breast augmentation - a perfecting technique rather than a drastic shift in appearance. Extreme change in breast size has now become less in demand as more and more women going for the most natural look.

Natural Looking Breast Augmentation Marbella Ocean Clinic

Natural appearance of breast implants

Thanks to ever evolving technology the range of breast implants now available is a far cry from the now historical ‘one-size-fits-all’ situation. Breast implant shapes, material, projection, width, and size are all variables that can be adapted to suit an individual’s figure and requirements. The more natural looking breast augmentation is being complimented with a more natural looking shape (and feel) in accordance with each person’s physique.

For this reason the anatomical breast implant, known to most as the ‘teardrop’ shape, is becoming more in demand than ever. The implants shape; fuller at the bottom than at the top, is more similar to a natural breast than rounder versions.

Silicon breast implants, are currently the reigning choice over saline implants due to their more natural feel and response to movement.

Another more ‘natural’ option is the breast fat grafting technique (breast lipotransfer) - this involves no implants at all but rather your own fat (that has been harvested from elsewhere via liposuction) being injected directly into the breasts.

Breast implants removed

Stars including Victoria Beckham, Tori Spelling, Chrissy Tiegen and Yolanda Hadid have all opted to remove their breast implants in recent years as have many more, so why this new trend? Some are preferring to remain at their original dress size feeling that it suits their size and shape better to be implant-free. Others have switched for breast uplifts as this was the true reason for the original breast augmentation, having had children and wanting to reconstruct their pre-baby body - this was not being such a mainstream option at the time of their plastic surgery.

Breast implants alternatives

Avoiding implants altogether and going for the breast lift or breast uplift option also avoids any dramatic change in size as well as maintaining the body’s original shape and look. This generally appeals to women after pregnancy and/or breastfeeding, as well as those having lost significant weight; the outcome can be sagging, stretch-marked skin and a loss of shape. The breast lift is a single-step procedure that removes excess skin and reforms the breast’s original shape.

Modest breast size

With keeping fit being a major life-priority, the smaller breast is an easier one to manage when exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A larger breast may impede the ability to play certain sports, and for leaping around a lot, a more modest breast size would be the more comfortable option. This is absolutely more of a factor than ever when it comes to size and shape selection for breast augmentation.

As you can see there are plenty of reasons why many women are choosing a smaller, more anatomically suited implant and why this is set to be the breast augmentation choice for 2022.

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