Why We Love Breast Augmentation

Why We Love Breast Augmentation Marbella Ocean Clinic

Welcome to our new interview series where Ocean Clinic’s doctors, nurses and specialists tell us about their favourite procedures. First up, it’s Head Surgical Nurse Louise Taylor talking about breast augmentation.

What is your favourite procedure to assist with?

Breast augmentation.

Why do you like it?

Because it´s incredibly satisfying and rewarding to transform small, droopy, uneven or empty breasts into beautiful, natural, perky, firm breasts in one hour!

How many times have you done it?

Literally thousands in my 25 years in the operating theatre.

How is it carried out?

A pocket is made inside the breast to the size of the implant, either under or over the chest muscles depending on the patient’s anatomy. The implant is placed inside in meticulously sterile conditions, either through the areola or through a small incision under the breast in the mammary fold. The incision is then closed with sutures.

What’s the most technical part?

Finding the right plane to create the pocket, avoiding any damage to nerves and blood vessels, choosing the right implant for the patient’s anatomy, creating symmetry and harmony in the end result.

Have there been any changes in the technique or technology used in this procedure?

Yes, the implants themselves have become ultra-safe over the years, without the need to be changed every 10 years. They also now come with digital chips implanted in them so all your implant info can be retrieved by simply scanning your breasts with a handheld scanner, plus the range of shapes, sizes, textures etc means your implants can be finely tailored to your wishes.

How might this procedure change in the future?

Breast augmentation surgery will always be an extremely popular, valuable and safe procedure for women who are unhappy with their breasts for whatever reason, that will never change! But technological changes to the implants themselves will continue to improve safety and longevity in the implant market.

Do you have any memories that stand out in relation to this procedure or the patients you’ve carried it out on?

Some of the most rewarding memories have been performing breast augmentation for our transexual clients. Breasts are such symbols of physical femininity so it can be life-changing surgery for a trans patient, and seeing their expression when we take the bandages off… truly wonderful.

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