Nose correction - Rhinoplasty

Nose correction - what can and can’t be fixed with Rhinoplasty surgery?

Nose correction can be as subtle or dramatic as a patient requires, though the extent of the surgery and the manner in which the nose is altered all depends on the possibilities which lie within the rhinoplasty boundaries. An experienced surgeon will be able to determine the possibilities for an individual case during consultation, giving an in-depth analysis of the entire nose (internal and external situation). A rhinoplasty is a long-term procedure; your new nose will be for life if you are happy with the outcome. Taking this into account, one of the most vital parts of your consultation is to get across to your doctor exactly the what you want. The surgeon needs to identify with your expectations as, once the procedure is done, you want this to be the nose you were hoping for.

Rhinoplasty is also often carried out to repair birth defects, fractures, or a breathing difficulties, for example, it is not solely for cosmetic purposes. Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures worldwide, but there are many things to understand before opting to undergo this treatment.

Nose correction - Rhinoplasty Marbella Ocean Clinic

What types of rhinoplasty are there?

“Depending on your individual case, a nose correction can either address the outer nose - cosmetic rhinoplasty, or the inner nose and the septum (in case of functional deficits like difficulties with breathing or snoring) - functional septorhinoplasty, or both at once.”

What can be addressed with a rhinoplasty procedure…

It is important to know, if you are considering rhinoplasty, what is possible to accomplish with the procedure and what isn’t. The following concerns are common complaints which ARE possible to alter/fix with a rhinoplasty procedure.

My nose sticks out too far…

Projection is one of the most common and obvious complaints when it comes to a patient not liking their nose. Basically, the nose is too big and juts out too far from the face for the person’s liking.

I don’t like the bump on my nose…

A ‘hooked’ or ‘Roman’ nose is what is referred to as having a bump on the bridge of the bone, this can be genetic or caused by injury or bone or cartilage overdevelopment, or scar tissue from a trauma. During surgery the doctor can use specific tools to smooth out the bone or cartilage and give a flatter, straighter nose profile.

Anatomy of the nose | Rhinoplasty Ocean Clinic

“The anatomy of the nose is complex and minor deviations in the configuration of bones, cartilages and soft tissue may lead to an aesthetically unpleasant appearance; the size and/or shape of the nose may not be in harmony with the rest of the facial features.”

The tip of my nose is ugly…

The surgery typically focuses on reshaping and reducing the size of the nasal tip and making sure it is in proportion to the rest of the face.The surgeon might use either open or closed approach to tip plasty. In the case of open approach, he makes a small incision under the nose tip between the nostrils. Open surgery is used when the patient requires more extensive sculpting of the nose.

Closed tip plasty means that the surgeon makes the incisions inside of the nostril. This approach is often used in rhinoplasty procedures when minor adjustments to the nasal structure is required.

To achieve this, the surgeon repositions and reshapes the cartilages in the nasal tip according to the specific deformities of the patient. Or removes excess soft tissue from a bulbous nose tip

The tip of my nose is ugly | Rhinoplasty Ocean Clinic

My nose is crooked…

An asymmetrical nose can be from birth or perhaps a trauma such as a breakage or deviated septum - the nasal bones or septum are not sitting symmetrically or centrally with the face. A crooked nose can be repaired with rhinoplasty, though if there is severe long term scar tissue or multiple breakages there is a possibility of more than one surgery being required to fully straighten the nose. Generally this should be able to be repaired with one straightforward open rhinoplasty procedure. The angle of the nose can also be adjusted in this way.

I hate my nostrils!

So often people are unhappy with the size and/or shape of their nostrils. Some are upturned, some are considered too wide, too small, or too flared, some are different sizes to each other, etc. This issue can easily be fixed with a simple rhinoplasty procedure. Once the patient and doctor have determined the best shape and size for the nose in question this is a quick surgery which requires far less downtime than a full (open) rhinoplasty.

I hate my nostrils! | Rhinoplasty Ocean ClinicMy nose is too big (or small) for my face | Rhinoplasty Ocean Clinic

My nose is too big (or small) for my face…

When a nose seems disproportional to the rest of the face a rhinoplasty procedure can be used to alter the size of the nose. This would most likely entail an open rhinoplasty procedure as the internal parts of the nose and bone will need to be addressed during the surgery.

What can NOT be changed with nose correction surgery…

No matter which type or level of surgery you opt for, a rhinoplasty cannot completely change the genetics off your facial anatomy or bone structure - it can aim to blend and reshape your existing nose structure to suit and be more aesthetically pleasing but not change how it will develop/change with age. The nose skin quality will also not be changed by rhinoplasty, this is something that will need to be addressed non-surgically with cosmetic treatments if so desired. The most important thing to consider is that your nose, your rhinoplasty, needs to be something that will suit your particular face and anatomy - like a haircut, someone else’s nose may not suit you. The surgery you opt for needs to be that which will best apply to your own needs but taking into account the existing genetics you have to work with; you still want to look like you - your best you!

At Ocean Clinic, Marbella, pre-operative considerations include a thorough evaluation of your anatomy and bone structure. This includes the possible recommendation of complementary procedures such as a chin implant, for example, to correct facial skeletal imbalances which often exist in rhinoplasty patients. Our advice regarding the combination of procedures, your understanding of the 3 dimensional composition of your face and our in-depth knowledge of the different available techniques are paramount in obtaining long-lasting and natural results. Please contact us for a consultation if you are considering rhinoplasty.