Types of Skin Treatments

Types of Skin Treatments Marbella Ocean Clinic

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A process used to rejuvenate skin by boosting collagen production, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, hyperpigmentation and acne scars. Thin, sharp needle tips make surface-level punctures on the skin which, as the body then heals these cuts, the production of collagen is increased and the overall texture and appearance of the skin is improved.

Injectable Muscle Relaxants & Fillers

These are probably the most well-known procedures in the aesthetic department and for good reason. They work! Muscle relaxants work by temporarily paralysing the muscles in the face that cause wrinkles and fine lines; think frown, laughter, bunny and squinting lines. Fillers, often used in conjunction with botox are small injections of gel (usually hyaluronic acid) which fill in the wrinkles by adding volume under the skin. Most commonly fillers are used around the eyes, mouth, jawline, frown lines and lips to maintain a youthful appearance. As we age the less collagen we produce which leads to sagging of the skin as volume is reduced over time. Younger people are opting for injectables to maintain or increase that volume and glow.

Superficial peeling & Deep peeling

You can opt for a superficial or deep version of this effective clinical procedure, depending on how intense you want your treatment to be. A chemical peel uses acid to deeply exfoliate the skin removing the dead, dull outer epidermal layers. The effect is to leave your skin refreshed and can be part of your skincare regime to reduce the appearance of fine lines and even the texture and tone of the skin. Seeing as the skin is such an individual organ a customised treatment would give the best results - often more than one type of pee would be applied to different areas of the face to suit specific needs (known as a mosaic peel).

Microfocused Ultrasound

This treatment uses state of the art microfocused ultrasound and is considered the best and most versatile collagen stimulating technology on the market. Delivering thermal heat energy into three layers of the skin, collagen and elastic production is stimulated throughout the different skin depths. It is an FAA approved non-surgical lifting device - the results of which should produce tightened skin, voluminous, even skin tone, and a youthful glow.


Boost that skin! Developed in the early 1950s by French doctor, Michel Pistor, Mesotherapy is a rejuvenation treatment using micro injections of antioxidants, vitamins, and plant extracts (hydrating agents) into the deep superficial layers of the skin. The micropunctures applied trigger cell activation leading to more dense, tighter, younger looking skin. Mesotherapy improves dull, tired looking skin immediately and can also aid in improving blood circulation as well as flush out toxins. Vitamins, growth factors, Hyaluronic acid, peptides, antioxidants and trace elements provide the ideal environment for healthy skin that better prevents the ageing process.

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