Aftercare Lymphatic Drainage

Aftercare part of the entire cosmetic surgery procedure. Lymphatic drainage sessions are an essential part of our aftercare. Certified therapists will help you with your recuperation. Ocean Clinic has it´s own in-house physiotherapy unit.

Aftercare Lymphatic Drainage Marbella Ocean Clinic

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

Lymphatic drainage is a is a manual treatment acting on the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a complex network of vessels and ducts that move fluid throughout the body and is responsible for moving toxins away from healthy cells and carrying germfighting materials to cells when they are under attack by viruses.

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  • Why Do I Need Lymphatic Drainage?

    Though fluid moves through the lymphatic system, it does not have its own pumping mechanism. Lymphatic drainage is a type of therapy that is intended to help the body produce a free-flowing lymphatic system, performed by a lymphatic drainage therapist. A lymphatic drainage massage primarily focuses on specific lymph nodes and points of the body, as well as the natural flow of the lymphatic system. This process reduces blockages of the lymphatic system, which in turn promotes a healthier body.

    Lymphatic Drainage After Surgery

    The lymphatic system is, in effect, your body’s cleaning system. It takes the waste from each individual cell and, through a complex system of tiny vessels and lymph nodes, brings this waste to the kidneys to leave the body. Although you have about twice as much lymph fluid in your body as blood, and even though the lymphatic system carries fluid in a similar way to blood, it does not have its own pump (i.e. your heart for your blood).

    Lymphatic System

    Therefore if the lymphatic system gets overloaded, there is nothing to keep it moving and you end up with a blockage. Your lymphatic system is also a very important part of your body’s auto-immune system. Blocked lymphatic vessels and nodes can affect the white blood cell count leading to increased vulnerability to illness and allergies. After an operation, the lymphatic vessels are affected, which can lead to blockage and lymphatic congestion. Lymphatic drainage works to clear these blockages so that your lymphatic system can flow smoothly. This helps you both feel and look better and to recover more quickly after an operation.

    Aftercare Lymphatic Drainage - Lymphatic System | Marbella Ocean Clinic

    How is it done?

    Here at Ocean Clinic Marbella, we work with experienced specialists to ensure a safe and painfree way to relieve lymphatic congestion, clear blockages and remove toxins from the body. Our lymphatic drainage therapist will use experience and manual skills to break up congestion, clear blockages, reduce postoperative scaring and swelling. The session is almost painless, although sometimes you may feel some discomfort, especially during the first sessions which are normally within 7-10 days your operation.

    How will I feel?

    Pain and postoperative swelling should decrease within a couple of treatments Increased energy after several treatments, but you may feel tired after the initial treatment. More frequent urination to flush out the lymph mobilized by the manual drainage. Weight loss from fluid drainage and toning of tissue. Your skin and connective tissues will get softer as postoperative scar tissue reduces during the treatment.

    How long does it take?

    At Ocean Clinic Marbella each session is app. 45 minutes long. How many sessions required will depend on the condition being treated and your body’s individual response to the treatment. Our therapist will discuss this during the first treatment.

    Aftercare Lymphatic Drainage - How long does it take? | Marbella Ocean Clinic

    How can I help to get the best results from it?

    Lymphatic drainage is about flushing out your system and you can help by drinking plenty of water every day.

    Osteopathy and Physiotherapy

    Osteopathy is a manual therapy based on the knowledge of the human anatomy and physiology. This allows you to relieve pain, to restore the body balance and to improve health. Back pain, muscle pain, sport lesion, visceral diseases, cranial problems and fertility problems can be treated with osteopathy. Aesthetic physiotherapy is a good treatment for eye bags caused by liquid retention and for patients who need reduce the inflammation after the surgery. Our physiotherapist and osteopath, Daniel Meningaud, can help you as he specializes in these two areas of medicine.