Top Trends Plastic Surgery for Men

What are the Top Trends for men in plastic surgery for 2023?

With advances in technology and technique as well as the continuous surge in male grooming making the mainstream, men’s plastic surgery is still on the rise as we head for the final stretch of this quarter century.

Men are far from being strangers to nipping and tucking and so when we looked at the predictions for 2023 it wasn’t surprising to discover that the most popular surgeries and procedures are still topping the list, as well as some less obvious treatments that are to be new trends for men this coming year.

Top Trends Plastic Surgery for Men Marbella Ocean Clinic

Trends for men in plastic surgery for 2023

Male Liposuction

Already one of the most popular male procedures, liposuction will most likely stay at the top spot as body contouring is high on the list for the majority of men seeking cosmetic surgery. The most popular regions for liposuction in men tends to be the ‘love handles’, lower abdomen and sides, as well as back, chest and shoulders.

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Abdominal Fat Grafting

Following suit with the body sculpting prevalence, abdominal contouring is a popular short cut to getting a toned stomach. For men seeking the ‘six pack’ look, small pockets of fat are sculpted in the area where the abdominal muscles would project giving the appearance of muscle definition but actually using the existing fat from the body. The fat is removed via liposuction, treated and reintroduced in the designated areas.

Male Breast Correction / Gynecomastea

A common complaint in the male physique is that the chest area can have enlarged nipples or ‘breasts’ which give a feminine appearance. This can be due to the enlargement of glands under the skin in the nipple region, a very common occurrence in teenage boys going through puberty. Occasionally the glands do not correct themselves and this can prompt surgery in later years to remove the unwanted, swollen look. Similarly an excess of fat in the chest area can give a male chest a fuller appearance and the desire for a more masculine, smooth, toned pectoral area can be achieved with the removal of fat via surgery or liposuction, then sculpted (if required) using fat grafting techniques.

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Forehead reduction

Reducing the signs of a receding hairline in men can also reduce the signs of ageing. The height of the forehead being reduced gives the impression of a fuller head of hair and a more youthful look. The incisions are made along the hairline itself and excess skin removed. The scarring is minimal as it is disguised by the existing hairline.

Chin / Jaw Implants

A prominent chin and well-defined jawline are traits which are associated with being handsome and masculine and so augmentation of the male jaw and chin are hugely popular treatments. Definition can be achieved non surgically using dermal fillers, however surgery is also a popular choice for a more dramatic and long lasting effect, usually a combination of both is preferred to achieve an overall desired look. Cosmetic chin enhancement for men may involve repositioning the chin, placing an implant over the bone of the chin, contouring the lower jaw, removing excess fat from the cheeks and neck, injecting dermal fillers to alter the proportions of the face, or any combination of the above. Chin and jaw enhancement is quite a tricky procedure and a qualified, experienced surgeon is absolutely necessary. The implant surgery and chin advancement procedures are complex due to the angular, bony situation they present. Fat grafting and fillers need to be placed accurately which takes knowledge, experience and an element of artistry.

Brow lift

A heavy brow can cause the eyelids to sag and even hang over the upper eye, wrinkles and frown lines can create an unhappy, tired expression. A brow lift can correct this by removing excess skin the brow line is lifted and tightened, the forehead wrinkles are smoothed out, the upper eyelids are lifted and the overall facial look is more youthful.


In the non-surgical department, men are becoming regular injectables patients, smoothing out wrinkles, and replacing lost volume with fillers. Also fillers in the penile department can also increase girth, and in some cases, even lengthen slightly.

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