Argon Plasma-Driven RF

Argon Plasma-Driven RF Marbella Ocean Clinic

A New Advancement in Body Contouring

At Ocean Clinic we’re continually exploring ways to achieve better results for our patients. One new technology we’ve recently started using as part of our body contouring surgeries is argon plasma-driven radiofrequency.

The technology has been developed to help shrink skin and tissue and do away with the need for surgical excision.

Typically after liposuction, patients will be left with some skin laxity and one way we tackle this is with post-surgical radiofrequency skin tightening treatments. Now, however, a new argon plasma-driven radio frequency skin tightening device allows us to induce skin and tissue retraction during the surgery itself.

How does the argon plasma-driven radio frequency skin tightening device work?

The device uses pressurized argon gas to drive radiofrequency energy into a hollow cannula.

The cannula is moved around in a similar way to a liposuction cannula, rapidly heating small sections of subcutaneous collagen matrix to 85°C. This heat generates strong contraction of the collagen within fractions of a second, causing a 40–50% reduction in fiber length.

Skin tone continues to improve over a year, as new collagen develops within the tissue. Studies show the treatment can achieve up to 36% measured skin surface area contraction.

Argon plasma-driven RF skin tightening device: The cannula is moved around in a similar way to a liposuction cannula

Is it safe?

The argon plasma-driven radio frequency skin tightening device is actually safer than other radiofrequency devices because it only heats a small targeted area. Unlike with bulk tissue heating, the tissue surrounding the treatment site remains at much cooler temperatures. Clinical measurements show that in an average treatment region, skin temperatures get to about 38° when treated with the argon plasma-driven device, as opposed to 45° and higher with bulk heating devices.

Because of the unique heating and cooling properties of the technology, immediate soft tissue contraction can be achieved without unnecessarily heating the full thickness of the dermis.

What happens during treatment?

The treatment is carried out immediately after your liposuction procedure, while you are still sedated and on the operating table. The device is inserted and slowly withdrawn a number of times from the same incisions made for the liposuction cannula. These ‘strokes’ are done at different depths in order to trigger significant soft tissue and skin contraction that will be visible within 24 hours of treatment.

What happens during Argon plasma-driven RF treatment?

What are the results?

When liposuction is combined with argon plasma-driven radiofrequency energy, it results in significant improvement in the contour and laxity of skin and soft tissue. Improvement can be seen as early as the next day but tissue contraction really becomes noticeable about three months post-op and continues for a year or more.

However, results do depend upon the patient taking responsibility for aftercare, which includes wearing compression garments as instructed by your surgeon. This is vital for achieving the desired smooth contour.

Who can benefit from the argon plasma-driven radio frequency skin tightening device?

Anyone who is undergoing a body contouring treatment with liposuction can benefit from argon plasma-driven radiofrequency. The device enhances the results of liposuction, helping to restore the firm tone and defined shape of youthful body contours.

Popular treatment regions include the abdomen, flanks, thighs, knees, upper arms and bra roll, as well as the lower face and neck. Post-bariatric patients can be treated if the need for skin contraction is less than 33%.

Women who have given birth and want to restore their physique can also be helped, although diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles) can only be slightly improved. This condition is better treated with a tummy tuck and surgery can be combined with liposuction and argon plasma-driven radiofrequency to improve the overall silhouette and skin tone.

Argon plasma-driven radio frequency skin tightening can also be used during breast lift surgery to significantly improve the breast skin and tissue, resulting in breasts that are not only perkier but also younger in tone and texture.

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