Combining Liposuction with other Procedures

What to combine with Liposuction for best body contouring results?

Liposuction often entails a connected procedure; one of the most common is combining liposuction with skin tightening treatments.

Combination procedures are a major factor within Ocean Clinic’s patient consultation. Once the patient’s situation and requirements are analysed the team will communicate their recommended treatments to achieve the desired results. Very often a surgical procedure will be accompanied by a non-surgical treatment in order to reach optimum results with minimal down time and recovery.

With liposuction this is very often the case, it is actually quite uncommon that liposuction is performed as a singular procedure. For example, liposuction from one region of the body can provide the necessary material for a fat transfer to another. Have you heard of the ‘mommy make over’ or ‘daddy do-over’? Both approach multiple areas of the body using a combination of procedures to sculpt and improve the overall shape and appearance.

Liposuction is a highly sought after treatment as it is a sure fire way to achieve long-lasting body shape goals that are otherwise difficult to attain. It is a treatment after which the results are clear and impressive with before and after shots revealing vast improvements. Men tend to lean towards abdominal sculpting and athletic definition, as do women, but they often first focus on body curves and smooth contours.

Combining Liposuction with other Procedures Marbella Ocean Clinic

Am I a good candidate for liposuction?

It is important, if considering liposuction to research the procedure and deduce whether you are a good candidate prior to a consultation - there may be a far more suitable option for your specific case. For example, if you happen to have lost a considerable amount of weight and want to get rid of that last pocket of stubborn fat, liposuction may be an option but in combination with a tummy tuck. The reason being that all the loosened skin from the weight loss will become even looser after liposuction and require excision to become tightened

What is the most effective type of liposuction?

What is the most effective type of liposuction?. Marbella Ocean Clinic

Liposuction techniques continuously evolve - at Ocean Clinic, Marbella we prefer to use 360º water jet assisted liposuction as it reduces bruising and … quicker recovery time.

Our preferred technique at Ocean Clinic is the most comprehensive of all the types of liposuction in that it removes fat from all sides of the torso. We can also offer thigh liposuction using a more specific to the leg technique.

What should I combine with liposuction?

No matter the age or skin quality of a patient, liposuction will generally cause some level of skin laxity, and so the most effective results for liposuction are achieved by combining the procedure with skin tightening treatments. In some cases liposuction can further loosen already saggy or crepe-like skin and so it requires a further treatment in order to leave the skin looking youthful and tightened around the treated area. There are various options for aesthetic skin tightening; at Ocean Clinic we offer a range of energy-based options such as radio frequency or micro focused ultrasound devices - which is selected all depends on the individual skin type, severity and skin laxity in question. The skin tightening treatments restore the elasticity that has been lost and also improve skin quality. See the detailed information below on Ocean Clinic’s skin tightening treatments.

Will a combination of treatments mean a longer recovery time?

Will a combination of treatments mean a longer recovery time?. Marbella Ocean Clinic

The recovery time itself will not be extended, patients generally return to work or normal life activities within the same amount of time however there may be a bit more inflammation with the introduction of energy-based treatments on top of the liposuction. The affected area may be more swollen and puffy than if the skin tightening treatment had not been added. This will reduce within 4-6 weeks.

Argon Plasma-Driven RF

One new technology we’ve recently begun using in conjunction with body contouring surgeries is argon plasma-driven radiofrequency. The argon plasma-driven radiofrequency device aids in the shrinking of skin and tissue, during the surgery itself, thus tightening the skin and removing/reducing the need for surgical excision. The device uses pressurised argon gas to drive radiofrequency energy into a hollow cannula, this is moved around - similarly to a liposuction cannula - rapidly heating small sections of subcutaneous collagen to 85ºC. The heat generates a rapid, strong contraction of the collagen causing a 40-50% reduction in length. Skin tone continuously improves for up to a year as new collagen develops within the treated tissue.

The most important thing to do when considering liposuction is to contact a board certified plastic surgeon and discuss your options; feel free to contact Ocean Clinic, Marbella for a consultation.