Dr Felix Paprottka

Plastic Surgery Resident

Plastic Surgery Resident Dr Felix Paprottka Ocean Clinic Marbella

Dr Paprottka received his medical approbation in 2010 and finished his thesis 2011 on the topic of embryonic stem cell research and regenerative cardiac therapy approaches after medical studies in Muenster (Germany), Prague (Czech Republic), Zurich (Switzerland) and Sydney (Australia).

From 2011 until 2012 he did research on nerve regeneration at the Department of Plastic Surgery at the Technical University Munich (Germany), followed by 5 years of residency at the Department of Plastic Surgery at the AGAPLESION Diakonieklinikum Rotenburg (Wuemme) as well as at the Burn Center of the Hannover Medical School (Germany).

Dr Felix Paprottka scientific work

In 2015, Dr Paprottka was honoured at the PRS Best Paper Awards in Boston (USA) for his scientific work on the field of skin cancer formation after tattooing and in 2016 he was elected into the Executive Committee of the EPSRC, the largest European plastic-surgical research community.

Dr Paprottka joined the Ocean Clinic in Marbella where he will complete his plastic-aesthetic surgery residency program.

skin cancer being caused by tattoos, PRS 2014