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When we implant micropigments of color, painlessly and safely into the skin using the very latest technology, we call it Micropigmentation, which is used to embellish, correct or improve certain aspects of the anatomy, both male and female.

All the pigments used are certified and of the highest quality. The pigments have an individual code number which is registered in every patients medical history, recording the exact colours used. The colours are chosen by the patient and the Therapist, as they can change once inserted into the skin depending on the skin tone of each person.The Therapist performs a thorough consultation with the patient to discuss their wishes and potential outcome and answer any questions they may have. The day before treatment takes place an allergy test is performed. Treatment can then take place with the patients consent. A post treatment revisión appointment takes place approximately 1 month later. Further color may need to be added 1 year after treatment to return color intensity.

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Micropigmentation Scar Camouflage Tattoo | Ocean Clinic Marbella


The eyebrows form an important part of our face, giving balance to facial features. Micropigmentation of the eyebrows is done with a “pencil” that penetrates the upper layer of the skin, created hair by hair with soft movements. This offers a good solution for people that want thicker, better shaped eyebrows, or to correct assimetry or hide scars. Different techniques are available-hair by hair, shading, microblading etc. Effects are not permanent and last between 8-12 months.

Our eyes say much about us, as they say, they are the Windows of the soul. Many of us like to take special care of our eyes,using make up to accentuate our best feature. When we speak about micropigmentation of the eyes, we are talking about permanent eyeliner of the upper/lower lids,giving a more youthful look or making the lashes look thicker amongst other effects.

The lips are an important feature of our face, particularly for women. Even small changes can call attention to this zone. The techniques used for lips are mainly to adjust small asymetries, give more color to pale lips, define the outline and contours of the lips, and replace the definition lost with ageing.

After breast surgery, including lifting, augmentation, reduction, scarring will occur, despite the surgical teams best efforts to keep post op scarring to a mínimum. Micropigmentation helps to hide the white scar line that appears around the areola or other areas of the breast, giving a more integrated appearance,but is not suitable for dark coloured scarring.

When we speak about Oncological micropigmentation we are speaking about the final treatments, so that the patient can resume her normal life, and start to see herself as she was before all the medical interventions. Micropigmentation, in skilled hands,can recreate the nipple/areola complex to give a 3D effect. Biopigments are used and carefully mixed to give a textured look similar to natural tissues, giving a very realistic result. If the nipple has not been reconstructed during surgery with a flap, it can be created optically and 3 dimensionally with micropigmentation shading and light. The treatment is normally 2 sessions with a 4 week pause between sessions. Its not painful and non-invasive.

Micropigmentation helps to disguise scarring after surgery, accidents etc, which leave white suture lines in all areas of the skin, breasts, abdomen, and can help integrate scarring into the surrounding areas so they are less visible. Care is taken to choose tones close to the patients own skin tones but micropimentation is not suitable for darker scars. This treatment can give excellent temporary results for noticable scarring.