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Cosmetic and Advanced Restorative Dentistry


Simply by whitening your teeth you can look years younger and feel an added confidence whenever you smile! Teeth whitening gently removes stains leaving your teeth cleaner and brighter and is most effective when combined with a general cleaning and polishing beforehand.

Here at the Ocean Clinic, we appreciate that not every treatment option is suitable for every patient so we offer various options to help you achieve the desired result, as ensuring that you get a gleaming smile that you are proud of it our priority. Of course, we always do a full initial examination to check your suitability for any whitening process and discuss the effectiveness of teeth whitening for your case.

Our teeth whitening treatments can be carried out in our Marbella practice – in which a gel is placed directly on the teeth and activated with a special blue UV light which is used to speed up the teeth whitening process. Some patients do experience sensitivity particularly when the light is sued so we offer an alternative inhouse system which does not require light acceleration. Alternatively, the home teeth whitening system is popular and can be carried out using our custom-made flexible trays and gel.

Cosmetic and Advanced Restorative Dentistry Ocean Clinic Marbella Spain


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Dental Contouring is a simple and painless reshaping procedure in which the tooth structure is reshaped with finely ground diamonds. Here small amounts of the tooth’s enamel, the outer layer covering the tooth, can be adjusted in order to change the shape, length and surface texture of the teeth. Even the smallest change via contouring in the right area can make a massive difference to the appearance of your teeth and smile, giving the illusion of uniformity and alignment.

Why should I have dental contouring?

Cosmetic contouring can be used to help treat a number of common dental problems from worn and uneven tooth surfaces to small chips and worn biting areas. It is however only suitable where slight changes are required as, due to these limitations, issues may arise between maintaining optimum tooth functionality and achieving maximum smile aesthetics.

If it is suitable for you, however, within a single visit, minor imperfections can be adjusted and when combined with other treatments, for example a whitening procedure or cleaning, the changes to your smile can be quite dramatic, boosting your confidence and self-esteem and leaving you with a gleaming smile to show off at work and when out and about with your friends.

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What is Tooth Bonding?

Tooth Bonding is a process of restoring a tooth to its original shape or making aesthetic changes, such as closing a gap, by applying a white filling material, known as a composite resin, to the tooth structure. The composite resin blends with the surrounding teeth, making it a conservative option for rebuilding your teeth while conserving the remaining tooth structure, as little or no further tooth structure will need to be removed to allow the composite resin to adhere to the enamel and dentine.

What are white fillings?

White fillings have been an alternative form of filling to the traditional silver amalgam fillings since the 1980s and have the ability to seal and bond to the tooth structure. They can be more insulative than silver fillings, as they do not transmit sudden changes in temperature from hot or cold drinks as the older “metal” fillings do. They also have the advantage of appearing more natural and do not contain mercury which has been a continual controversial health concern surrounding the amalgam fillings as they have been shown to leak mercury vapour over time.

Why have bonding or white fillings?

Bonding or white fillings are one of the best options if you have a chip or fracture that is too large to allow cosmetic contouring to take place. It is an effective way to make discoloured, worn or irregularly spaced teeth look much more aesthetically pleasing and ensure you feel confident in your smile. Composite dental veneers are also frequently an option to cover larger defects and improve aesthetics.

However, their primary drawback is that the composite resin used in bonding and white plastic glass mixture used for white fillings can over time become discoloured and stained which may require maintenance and/or repetition of the procedure at regular intervals (every few years) to maintain your new gleaming smile.

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DIGITAL SMILE DESIGN Cosmetic Dentistry Marbella Ocean Clinic
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Today, having a mouth free of biological and functional problems is not enough! Patients want beautiful smiles that are integrated with their physical characteristics, but also in harmony with its emotional aspects. Digital Smile Design (DSD) presents a new face of dentistry, more human, emotional and artistic, further enhancing our noble profession in society, using video and natural settings we can clearly see because after all there are not many things in this life that are more important than a healthy, natural, confident and beautiful smile!

Modern dentistry has to be modernized in order to meet the aesthetic expectations of our most demanding patients.

With the DSD concept each patient goes through a quick study process taken by video and pictures in our onsite dental studio, we study the results of the patient talking and acting naturally with the patient and then based on this we make a mold of their mouth from a wax up, at this time we choose the form and size of the new teeth through Visagism –Then we try the new smile proposal in the mouth, and the patient can smile, talk and evaluate if the new smile is filling their esthetic expectations or if changes need to be made. Digital Smile Design brings true visualization into focus for the patient allowing them to see in real time the final result of the restoration before the dental treatments commences. DSD looks at the patient as a whole, the personality as well as the entire structure of the face to ensure the final result matches with the aesthetic look of the face as well as the personality of the patient.

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PORCELAIN VENEERS: Traditional and prepless. Ocean Clinic Marbella
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Traditional and prepless

Never underestimate the simple elegance of a beautiful smile. With their best smile on display, patients feel more assured and can find greater success in their social interactions.

Our teeth veneers can be used to:

  • Reshape your tooth to enhance its cosmetic appearance.
  • Adjust your tooth length.
  • Fix the appearance of tooth damage including cracks, and chips.
  • Brighten teeth without whitening.
  • Make teeth appear straighter without orthodontics.
  • Close gaps between teeth to create a more uniform appearance.

In addition to traditional veneers, we also offer prepless veneer options; we can place the veneer over your tooth without altering your natural tooth structure. Lumineers area brand of porcelain veneers that are made by a dental materials company in California. When they were first introduced, over 30 years ago, their selling point was that they were stronger than most other brands of veneers, so they could be made thinner. However, in the past few years, other brands of ultra-strong, ultra-thin porcelain have been introduced, completely eliminating this advantage. We craft our veneers using only the finest quality porcelain to replicate your tooth’s natural translucence and color.

Advantages of no-prep vs. conventional veneers

Tooth conservation: Our prepless veneers are so thin that they can be applied directly and achieve the results you want without any tooth preparation. The fact that no tooth structure is trimmed away makes it an extremely conservative procedures.
Nothing to fear: No requirement for tooth trimming makes this procedure ideal for people who want to make a change but are generally fearful of having dental work performed.
Minimal tooth sensitivity: Since treated teeth remain generally undisturbed, post-placement sensitivity is seldom a problem. This isn't always the case with conventional veneers.

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  • No unpleasant impression material
  • No bothersome temporary crowns
  • No second appointment
  • Long-term stability

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DENTAL IMPLANTS Cosmetic Dentistry Ocean Clinic Marbella Spain
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The effects of tooth loss are both physical and emotional. Gaps in your mouth can lead to a lack of confidence which affects everyday life. Dental Implants are the next best thing to natural teeth and can be used to replace a single lost tooth or many missing teeth. They last longer and provide greater structural support than either bridges or dentures.

Do you want to Banish Dentures for Good?
Do you have Missing teeth as a result of a Traffic Accident or Sports Injury?
Do you have Missing Teeth due to Gum Health or Illness and are suffering in Silence?
Do you have loose dentures or find it difficult to talk or eat with them?

A Dental Implant treatment is the best cosmetic dentistry procedure to replace missing teeth. It is important to have healthy gums and sufficient bone to support an implant root, so we always start with a complete assessment to see if this treatment option is suitable for you.

A dental implant is an artificial root made of titanium which is securely placed into the jaw to serve as an anchor for a replacement tooth. A crown is then fitted over the dental implant, matching the colour and contours of the surrounding teeth. In time bone grows around the root and the implant becomes integrated into the jaw bone. Dental implants look, feel and function just like natural teeth so no-one will know the difference.

At the Ocean Clinic, we pride ourselves on using one of the most reputable recognized quality implant companies in the world to produce the best possible results for you.

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