Buttock Augmentation Animation

Butt Implants Procedure

The buttocks you were born with may or may not have the musculature or curves you desire. It may be difficult to improve upon certain areas with exercise alone, and in some cases, damage from an accident or certain health conditions may affect your appearance. There are two primary augmentation options for increasing volume in the buttocks: fat transfer and buttuck implants. Fat transfer removes body fat from one region and re-injects it into the buttocks. This procedure is also called a Brazilian butt lift, but this name can be confused with similarly named exercise programs. Depending on the changes you desire and your available body fat, a fat transfer may be used alone or in conjunction with implants. Augmentation with implants, which will be covered in this animation, uses soft, solid silicone implants for an immediate and uniform increase in buttock volume. Unlike fat transfers, where survival of transferred fat varies and may require touchups, implants maintain their volume and don’t need follow up adjustments. Buttock, or gluteal, implants are designed to change your contours, enhancing your appearance and selfconfidence.

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