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Breast Reduction Video. Marbella Ocean Clinic
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Breast Reduction Video

Reduction Mammoplasty Surgery

In this plastic surgery video, Dr Kaye, director and plastic surgeon of Ocean Clinic Marbella, performs a breast reduction in 'Hall-Findlay' technique. Using a cranial-medial pedicle for the MAC (Mamilla-Areola-Complex). In this breast reduction case the normally pure vertical scar is converted in to a inverse T-Scar to offer a solution for a the skin excess in both axillas and lateral breast mound which has been treated with liposuction. Dr Kaye is removing a total of 1900cc from one breast and 1700cc from the other breast to correct the asymmetry. The breast reduction was assisted with liposuction (liposculpture) of the axillas and the lateral breast mound.

This reduction mammoplasty surgery video was performed in June 2014 and took place at the Ocean Clinic's state of the art operating theatre in Marbella.

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