Breast Augmentation B-Lite Implants

Breast Augmentation B-Lite Implants. Marbella Ocean Clinic

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Breast Augmentation Traditional Implants

Breast Augmentation Traditional Implants. Marbella Ocean Clinic

Material and Surface Shape Profiles

Breast Augmentation Surgical Intervention

Breast Augmentation Surgical Intervention. Marbella Ocean Clinic

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Breast Augmentation Videos

Breast Augmentation Videos. Marbella Ocean Clinic
Breast Augmentation Video Natural Breast. Marbella Ocean Clinic

Breast Augmentation Natural Looking

Natural looking results after breast augmentation. The question is: How much bigger? Dr Michel Saiveau, Plastic Surgeon at Ocean Clinic Marbella.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

In this plastic surgery video, Dr Kaye director of Ocean Clinic Marbella, performs a breast augmentation with anatomical silicone implants.

Breast Augmentation with Implants

In this breast surgery video, chief consultant plastic surgery Dr Kaye, performs a breast augmentation with silicone implants.

Breast Augmentation
Before and After

Breast Augmentation Before and After Marbella Ocean Clinic

Breast Augmentation Types and Procedure Animations

Breast Augmentation Types and Procedure 3D Animations. Marbella Ocean Clinic
Breast Augmentation with Silicone Implants 3D Animation Marbella Ocean Clinic

Breast Augmentation with Silicone Implants

This animation provides details about breast augmentation with silicone implants and the various insertion and positioning options.

Breast Augmentation FAQ

Breast Augmentation FAQ's. Marbella Ocean Clinic

Breast Augmentation Questions and Answers

What kind of implants does Dr Kaye use for Breast Augmentation? At Ocean Clinic Marbella we use only silicone breast implants manufactured by the 3 market leading companies: MENTOR, ALLERGAN and NAGOR, which Dr Kaye consider to be the best brands on the market. They all come with lifetime guarantee against implant rupture and are available in round, anatomic and high profile styles. The manufacturer will provide a new pair of implants free of charge if it ruptures within this period, and in some cases even if encapsulation of a certain grade (Baker Grade III-IV) occurs.
How do I choose the right shape breast implant for me? Choosing the breast enhancement implant shape depends on many factors, which only a experienced plastic surgeon can advise on. Breast implants come in many varieties: Round, Anatomical, High Profile, Wide Profile, Extra Sensitive, etc, so there is a perfect shape for almost everyone.
Is it very painful after the Breast Augmentation surgery? All our patients are given a very comprehensive prescription of medication which keeps pain to a minimum.
Where will the scars be after Breast Augmentation surgery? Breast Augmentation Implants can be inserted either through the nipple, which leaves an almost invisible scar, through the crease under the breast, which leaves a small (3cm) scar, or through the Axilla (armpit).

Breast Augmentation Consultation
with Crisalix VR 4D

Breast Augmentation Consultation Crisalix VR 4D Marbella Ocean Clinic
Plastic Surgery Crisalix 4D Video Marbella Ocean Clinic

How could I look after breast augmentation surgery?

New era in breast augmentation consultation

Plastic surgeon Dr Kaye will show you fully interactive 3D views to accurately portray your own before and after images for virtually any breast implant augmentation. Dr Kaye will then be able to decide the exact implants that best match your desired results.
· Simulation of realistic expectations, exclusively based on your own body.
· Wide selection of implant sizes and shapes.
· Higher degree of confidence.

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Breast Augmentation Patient Reviews

Breast Augmentation Patient Reviews. Marbella Ocean Clinic

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Breast Augmentation Recent News

Breast Augmentation Recent News. Marbella Ocean Clinic

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