Beauty - a concept of culture or a universal truth?

Beauty is a concept reflected in almost every aspect of modern life, in all cultures and societies. How we define beauty also defines the way we experience art, music and nature, and truthfully, it is part of the powerful, unconscious force that defines human relations, creating attraction or driving us apart. But can we define beauty? Can we measure it, can we comprehensively understand it? And more importantly, can we recreate it?

Beyond Beauty

When we look beyond the pure, blinding surface of beauty, patterns of form, shape and symmetry emerge, patterns which are universal, not a mere concept of human culture. We find the same patterns repeated in endless variation in most of the things the human being, regardless of his cultural background, considers beautiful, e.g. the perfect vortex of a nautilus shell or the flawless movement of the hummingbird’s wing, and they are all described by repeating mathematical variations of the golden ratio.

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

Plastic and aesthetic surgery is a symbiosis of science and art. Art when it comes to seeing, creating and combining these patterns to achieve beauty. Science when comes to performing in a medical environment with great skill, maximum safety and minimal discomfort for our patients.

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