Mommy Makeover - complaints after pregnancy

Mommy Makeover - complaints after pregnancy Marbella Ocean Clinic

Top 3 Body Complaints Women Have After Having Kids

Pregnancy and birth takes its toll on the body. Sometimes, no matter how well you eat or how much exercise you do it is simply not possible to restore the body to its pre-baby shape.

For many mums this can be hugely disheartening and have a big impact on their body confidence. However, the tide is turning, with a growing number of mums empowered to reclaim their confidence through cosmetic surgery. The so-called ‘mummy makeover’ (or ‘mommy makeover’), which includes a combination of treatments to rejuvenate the body, is being increasingly requested. It typically includes a breast augmentation / breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction, all completed in one day (pictured above). The ‘mummy makeover’ can change the way women feel about themselves, enabling them to get back into favourite outfits, hit the beach or be intimate with their partners with total self-assurance.

1) Loss of breast volume

Whether one breastfeeds or not it, having a baby often results in noticeable changes to the breasts. Pregnancy itself causes the actual composition of the breast to change. An increase in the female hormone oestrogen causes the milk ducts to grow and branch out, eventually almost completely replacing areas previously occupied by fatty tissue. When the mother stops breastfeeding (or if she does not breastfeed), the milk ducts in the breasts begin to shrink. Because the breasts are primarily composed of milk ducts, the breasts also reduce in size. Although, over time, fat tissue does begin to replace the milk ducts, many women are left with smaller breasts than before pregnancy, and also often report a loss of volume and firmness.

2) Sagging breasts

As the breasts grow during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the skin of the breasts also grows and stretches. When a woman weans her baby (or if she does not breastfeed) her breast size reduces but the extra skin remains. This leaves some women’s breasts with an ‘empty’ or ‘stretched out’ appearance. Women with larger breasts are affected by breast sagging more than women with smaller breasts, as are women who undergo significant weight loss postpartum. Unfortunately breast sagging increases with each pregnancy and, because the breast itself contains no muscle or ligaments, no amount of exercise or toning can correct this problem.

3) ‘Flabby’ tummy

Even if you’ve dropped most of your baby weight and you religiously do stomach crunches, you may find that bulge around your belly just won’t budge. That’s because it’s mostly stretched-out skin and muscle. During pregnancy, the growing uterus stretches the muscles in the abdomen. The skin, too, stretches to accommodate this rapid growth. Once the uterus has deflated following birth, the skin often appears lax and crêpey and may feel uneven in texture due to stretch marks. Some women also experience a condition called diastasis rectus abdominus, where the left and right side of the muscle that covers the front surface of the belly can separate. It is more likely to happen if you had a large baby or have been pregnant more than once. In addition to looser abdominal muscles, postpartum hormones mean fat is more likely to be stored behind the muscles around the intestines, so shifting that ‘pregnancy paunch’ can be extremely difficult.

How can a ‘mummy makeover’ help? Ocean Clinic Marbella

How can a ‘mummy makeover’ help?

The ‘mummy makeover’ can address all of the above problems using a complementary combination of plastic surgery procedures, tailored to each individual. Breasts can be restored to their original size, shape and position through either a breast enlargement and/or breast lift. However, many patients take the opportunity to go a little larger and get the breasts they’ve always dreamed of. Flabby tummies can be made flat through a combination of abdominoplasty and liposuction, which can also be used sculpt the waist and flanks (love handles). Meanwhile, laser skin resurfacing can help improve the appearance of stretch marks. Some patients decide to take advantage of being sedated by undergoing additional non-surgical procedures such as botox, fillers or chemical peeling at the same time. By combining a bespoke range of treatments, mums can emerge feeling completely rejuvenated – often with a better figure than they’ve ever had before!

While there’s no doubt that having children is one of the most rewarding things a woman can do, it can take a huge toll on the body. This truly transformational procedure can make women feel like themselves again. To find out how Ocean Clinic Marbella could help you get your pre-baby body back and regain your sparkle, book a consultation today.