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Experience the Timeless Beauty of Lipofilling!

For decades, Ocean Clinic has been dedicated to the art of natural breast enhancement. Lipofilling, Ocean Clinic’s signature procedure, utilizes your body’s own fat to sculpt and rejuvenate, offering you timeless beauty with minimal scarring and reduced risk.

Lipofilling of the breast, also known as fat transfer to the breast, is a cosmetic procedure in which a person’s own body fat is harvested from one area of the body and then purified and injected into the breast to enhance their size, shape, or contour.

This procedure is typically performed by professional providers, such as the Ocean Clinic in Marbella, who specialize in cosmetic surgery and fat transfer techniques.

Here’s an outline of what this procedure involves:

Initial Consultation:

  • Patients begin the process by scheduling an initial consultation with the Ocean Clinic’s medical team.
  • During this consultation, the patient discusses their goals, concerns, and expectations with the plastic surgeon.
  • The surgeon evaluates the patient’s breast anatomy and general health to determine if they are a suitable candidate for lipofilling of the breast.
Lipofilling Breast | Ocean Clinic Marbella

Preoperative Evaluation:

  • Patients undergo a comprehensive preoperative evaluation, including medical history, physical examination, and possibly imaging studies like mammograms.
  • The surgeon and patient jointly decide on the specific areas of the body from which fat will be harvested. Common donor sites include the abdomen, thighs, or flanks.


  • On the day of the procedure, the patient is administered anesthesia, typically under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia, depending on the surgeon’s recommendation and patient preference.

Fat Harvesting (Liposuction):

  • A cannula is inserted through small incisions in the chosen donor area.
  • The surgeon uses liposuction to extract excess fat tissue, taking care to maintain the viability of the fat cells for transfer.

Fat Purification:

  • The harvested fat is processed to remove impurities, excess fluids, and damaged cells.
  • This purified fat is then prepared for injection.
Lipofilling Breast | Ocean Clinic Marbella

Breast Augmentation:

  • Small incisions are made in the breast area.
  • The purified fat is strategically injected into various layers of the breast tissue to achieve the desired enhancement.
  • The surgeon sculpts and shapes the breast to create a natural look.


  • Following the procedure, patients are monitored and allowed to recover in a supervised setting.
  • Postoperative instructions, including pain management, activity restrictions, and follow-up appointments, are provided.

Results and Follow-Up:

  • Over time, the injected fat settles, and the patient begins to see the final results.
  • Follow-up appointments are scheduled to monitor the progress and address any concerns.
Lipofilling Breast | Ocean Clinic Marbella

Advantages and Considerations:

  • Lipofilling of the breast offers several advantages, such as using natural tissue, minimal scarring, and the potential for simultaneous body contouring.
  • Patients must understand that some of the transferred fat may be reabsorbed, and multiple sessions may be required to achieve the desired breast size.

Ocean Clinic’s Expertise:

  • Ocean Clinic in Marbella is a renowned cosmetic surgery center with a team of experienced plastic surgeons specializing in fat transfer procedures, including lipofilling of the breast.
  • The clinic employs state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to ensure patient safety and satisfaction.
  • Ocean Clinic provides comprehensive support throughout the patient’s journey, from consultation to postoperative care.

It’s important to note that the specific details and techniques used in lipofilling of the breast may vary among providers and surgeons. Patients interested in this procedure should consult with a qualified professional, like those at Ocean Clinic, to discuss their individual needs and expectations.

Say goodbye to synthetic implants and hello to a harmonious blend of science and nature. Achieve the curves you desire while maintaining authenticity. Unlock the secrets of lipofilling with us and embrace the confidence that comes with your natural beauty. Discover why Ocean Clinic has been your trusted partner in aesthetic innovation for generations.