Brazilian Butt Lift - FAQs

The Brazilian Butt Lift is the most famous and well-known cosmetic procedure in buttock augmentation, here we focus on FAQs surrounding the ‘BBL’ to help relieve any misconceptions about this procedure.

Brazilian Butt Lift - FAQs Marbella Ocean Clinic

Should I get a Brazilian Butt Lift?

If you’re interested in buttock augmentation and wondering if you are the right candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift, we approach all the questions surrounding this increasingly popular plastic surgery procedure.The more voluptuous look is more in demand now than ever, with butt lifts, fat transfers and implants being high on the cosmetic surgical agenda.

Do i have to have implants in my buttocks?

While implants can be used, Brazilian butt lifts are more commonly carried out using only a patient’s own fat. Using liposuction, fat is removed from elsewhere on the body; usually the abdomen, love handles, back, or from the outer and inner thighs. The fat is transplanted into the buttocks in order to give them a fuller shape. Meanwhile, removing fat from around the outside of the buttocks, and from the waist, sculpts the body to give a more accentuated backside. This way achieves great results with no need for implants.

Am i too thin for a BBL?

Because Brazilian butt lifts are primarily carried out with fat, you might think lean women would be unable to have this surgery. However, in these cases, silicone implants can be used to supplement the lack of available fat. Even in thinner individuals, donor fat can be used to smooth over the implant and add shape. Furthermore, simply sculpting with liposuction around the buttocks can make your bottom appear bigger and give a more desirable figure.

Will a butt lift just make my butt look big?

Butt lift surgery is about so much more than simply gaining a bigger bottom. BBL aims to resculpt your entire silhouette, this includes your waist, hips and thighs, to achieve that classic hourglass figure. The changes should be visible from both the front and back. In addition to gaining volume in your buttocks, they will be reshaped to achieve the look you desire - whether that’s a curvier, peachier bum or one that appears to have a higher profile from the side. Issues with asymmetry can also be addressed.

On the plastic surgery review site, most people rate their buttock augmentation surgeries very highly. In fact, 88% of people give their butt augmentation surgeries a “worth it” rating.

Is the Brazilian Butt Lift a high risk surgery? Marbella - Ocean Clinic

Is the Brazilian Butt Lift a high risk surgery?

You have probably seen negative stories in the press about Brazilian butt lift surgery. It can indeed be risky when carried out by inexperienced surgeons. This is because the fat must be very carefully transplanted to ensure no veins are affected (fat in the veins could potentially lead to a fat embolism - fat entering the heart and lungs, which could result in death). If a surgeon is not properly trained there is a risk they could inject the fat too deeply, consequently it is essential to choose a surgeon with a high level of skill in fat grafting. If carried out properly, the risk of complications is low. Ocean Clinic’s Head Surgeon Dr. Kai Kaye has performed many buttock augmentations, is a specialist in fat transfer, and lectures on the topic to peers around the world.

Will i be in pain and unable to sit down after a BBL?

A BBL carried out with fat alone is in fact categorised as a minimally invasive procedure, since it can be performed with very tiny incisions. At Ocean Clinic Marbella, we use water jet-assisted liposuction which is extremely gentle and reduces swelling and bruising. Pain and recovery time is minimal and you will be able to sit using the special pillow we provide (although long periods of sitting are to be avoided). You are likely to feel fatigued for a few days but after that you will be able to return to work (unless you have a very physical job). Buttock augmentation with implants is more invasive and has a longer recovery time, requiring at least two weeks off work.

If my weight changes will the BBL results be ruined?

Some people are deterred from getting a Brazilian butt lift because they feel the results will be temporary and will be easily lost should you gain or lose weight. Actually, once additional fat cells have been transplanted to your bottom, that’s where they will stay! These fat cells can increase or decrease in size according to your diet and exercise but they won’t disappear. One of the great things about a butt lift, with fat transfer, is that the fat in your backside behaves normally. It means that your buttocks will grow or decrease consistent with changes in your overall body weight, keeping you in proportion.

Does the BBL look fake?

Surgeons work with their patients to achieve the result they desire; some women want a natural look, while others favour a more extreme contrast. A very authentic appearance can be achieved by solely using a patient’s own fat, since it behaves with a natural jiggle. Furthermore, it will not only look real, it will feel real. However, to obtain the best looking results, it remains important to select a skilful surgeon in order to avoid unwanted side effects such as lumps and bumps or an asymmetrical result.

Does the Brazilian Butt Lift look fake? Marbella - Ocean Clinic

Do regular people really have butt lifts?

While BBL is a favourite with A-listers and celebrities, the procedure’s popularity goes way beyond the rich and famous. Last year in the USA alone, over 26,000 people underwent a buttock augmentation procedure. These figures show that buttock augmentation is now more mainstream than ever before.

Is a BBL too expensive?

Due to the celebrity association, people often think Brazilian butt lifts must be bank-breakingly expensive, however, the surgery actually costs around the same as a breast augmentation. The exact cost will depend on the scope and complexity of your procedure as well as the skill and experience of your chosen surgeon. It goes without saying that you should get the best you can afford and don’t be tempted to go for cut price surgery abroad where clinical standards may be lower. Do your research, read the reviews and be sure to consult the best available to you.

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